How to file a claim for New Wave energy stock

2022-05-23 0 By

How to apply for New Wave Energy Stock Claims New Wave Energy is currently in the process of claiming new Wave Energy stock claims, investors can consult the public information of New Wave Energy for further details.Based on March 1, 2020 implementation of the new “securities law” the eighty-fifth regulation, information disclosure obligation not to disclose information in accordance with the relevant provisions, or the announcement of the securities issuance documents, periodical reports, interim reports and other information disclosure information contain any false records, misleading statements or material omissions, the investors in securities trading losses,The obligor of information disclosure shall be liable for compensation.The Supreme People’s Court on the trial of the securities market due to the several provisions of the civil compensation cases caused by false statement, “the provisions of the listed company because of the false statement by the securities and futures commission, Ministry of Finance, such as administrative punishment (or the people’s court criminal judgment), rights and interests of the damaged shareholder may file a civil compensation to the court that has jurisdiction over the lawsuit,Investment loss includes loss of investment balance, stamp duty, commission and interest to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.Article 85 of the Securities Law is the main legal basis for investors’ claims, while the Provisions on the Trial of civil compensation cases caused by false statements in the Securities Market have made more detailed operational provisions for stock claims.It can be seen that the legal provisions for investors’ claims caused by false records, misleading statements or material omissions are clear.Every year, China Securities Regulatory Commission will file a case investigation on listed companies with false disclosure and finally issue a Punishment Decision. It is conceivable that China Securities Regulatory Commission will severely crack down on listed companies with information disclosure violations.If the shareholders of Xinchao Energy incur losses or floating losses due to the violation of laws and regulations of the listed company, they may file a lawsuit to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests and recover part of the losses by taking the false statement of securities as the case through civil litigation legal procedures.New Wave energy investors can register claims through share Shield.