Bottom line: We’ll tell you the basic logic of the lakers’ problems. why not the Big Three?

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The Los Angeles Lakers are out, not in the play-offs, not to mention the playoffs.Given their performance last season, this season’s performance is acceptable.The lakers barely made the playoffs last season and were swept away by the SUNS, leaving behind the illusion that a healthy Davis could win.It became a fantasy this season that Davis, if healthy, could win for the lakers.In fact, the lakers have fallen into a downward spiral every time they fantasize about Davis being healthy.Clearly is the Lakers lineup structure is not good, resulting in the heavy defense task to Davis a person’s body, resulting in his credit and honor is not equal, resulting in him often in high fatigue and high risk, resulting in many injuries, now the conversation turned, “Davis why don’t you take good care of your body?”.Davis’ injury is more of a systemic problem with the Lakers’ defense than with Davis himself.Davis, of course, doesn’t want to be injured and wants to be in good shape.Of course, Davis himself is also a problem, that is, his athletic status has declined to a greater extent.After shooting 26 percent from 3-point range in 2020-21, Davis has dropped to 18.6 percent this season, compared with 33 percent in his championship season.It is clear that Davis’ 3-point shooting rate is declining, this season completely to the team to do a disservice to the point.That makes him less of a space power forward in lebron’s system.We know that when Lebron came to the Lakers, he was trying to build the structure of his system every season, but the role of the ball carrier was never found and Kawhi didn’t want it.In terms of function, Davis combines the functions of Wade and Bosh, that is, the attacking ball carrier and the space power forward.But the decline in form has led to problems with the effectiveness of James’s system, and Davis has to shoulder some of the blame.This is his negativity under the James system, but we can see that this kind of structural negativity is not unique to Davis.After Davis, let’s talk about Westbrook.It all boils down to Westbrook’s utter inability to function as a Dwyane Wade or Irving player.In fact, to set such a task for Westbrook, is definitely a duck to water.When Westbrook was at his best, he was also durant’s go-to guy, pulling away at critical moments, and the underlying logic was that he simply didn’t have the skills to break it down, the shooting skills to break it down.This is simply not enough.Westbrook shot 31.5 percent from 3-point range last season, and 29.8 percent this season, better than Davis, but not enough for a solid shooter.We see westbrook’s role in the Lebron system as a mess.When the Lakers sensed that the James system was not working at times, they tried to make a change with Westbrook as the ball handler.The problem, then, is that the lakers don’t give Westbrook much credit, don’t design a game plan for James, let westbrook play that role for a few games, and then take it off the table.This is certainly a no-no.After analyzing the problems of Davis and Westbrook, we found that these two problems were caused by the fact that most of the lakers’ philosophy was the implementation of the James system.Both play better when they’re free and not using the Lebron system, which means James is not on the court, and both are more comfortable on the floor.This point, everyone watching the ball have a deep experience.Unfortunately, such events are not many, many people do not look at logic, only from the one-sided events to find cover for their own views in the process, belongs to masking.The fact that Westbrook and Davis don’t have much of a winning percentage in these games isn’t enough to prove the logic wrong.This logic maximizes work for the lakers and significantly increases their on-court motivation, which is the biggest improvement.But he can’t erase the fact that the Lakers are generally weak and role players are mediocre.In other words, they have contributed as much as possible.So, we have to think, what should James do?Did James do everything he could?Not at all.As stated above, it is the lack of cooperation and adaptation of Davis and Westbrook in implementing the Lebron system that has caused the system’s problems.James looks fine, still averaging more than 30 points per game, but he can’t reverse the decline of Westbrook and Davis.After Irving left the Cavs in 2018, James proved he can still lead the Cavaliers to the Finals, which is called “can do”.But James still scored high points this season, but can’t reverse the slump, is to prove his “no”.So are the Lakers going in the wrong direction by running the Lebron system?The results of the season suggest that playing the same game and ball handling that James is used to is not going to make the playoffs, so running the James system is a mistake for the Lakers.Some people say that Lebron has increased the ball handling a lot and released a lot of power. Why is he still running the Lebron system?That’s because the Lakers’ offensive momentum is such that, even after James made a conscious effort to keep the ball off the court and play hard, he found his rhythm as the game progressed.In the process, others, like Westbrook, have retreated to the structure of James’s system.Once James’ productivity declined, the problem of offensive stagnation became apparent.There are also a lot of individual and overall defensive problems.In fact, the lakers run westbrook as a passing center of the conventional strategy, is the most scientific.With Westbrook as the ball handler, it’s bound to be 20 or 30 games, not two or three.At this point, the Lakers are rushing things.Now we see that they could not have arranged such an attempt.How could James possibly claim a season-long change at the start of the season?Not by any indication.Here we have to say, to adapt to the situation and change the general policy, to start from the overall situation, this is the most far-sighted, the most courageous approach, enduring teams, are constantly in the positive transformation of a new round of victory.One of the most important requirements is to abandon the interests of one person or a small interest group and jointly safeguard the interests of the highest class.For vested interests, this means demolishing and rebuilding, and losing the initiative.Westbrook wasn’t prepared to replace James’ presence on the ball for a long time, and the Lakers had to execute.But westbrook’s frustration, as well as the discomfort of being repressed on the offensive end, was evident.It’s these emotions that make westbrook viable as the ball carrier.The above analysis, in fact, the default management without brain assistance.I think the lakers have the ability and passion to go into the playoffs with the right big Three, even if the front office makes too many dumb moves.So, all the problems, first is the Lakers ball distribution and structure of the problem.We’ve analyzed Howard’s question many times before, and his is of the same type.If the lakers sort that out next season, they’ll be a lot better.If they fall into a mindset of always blaming who didn’t show up, always trying to get the best game to implement the Lebron system, they’ll take a lot more criticism.I don’t have enough space to talk about role players. Their problems aren’t fundamental, or even their poor shooting percentage.How capable are some role players?They just look and act. It must be the leaders who lead the collective to the light, not the shining display of the people below.