Wisdom Gained from Reading History: The Twelfth Chapter of The Han Dynasty in The Historical Mirror (63)

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On the answer to make Yang servant general, for its cutting before labor, with the book rescript said: “general’s work only first break stone gate, find gorge, not have hikcs flag of fact also, black enough proud zai.Before breaking panyu, the capture of the fallen thought rupp, dig the dead thought gain, is also a pass;So that Jiande and Lv Jia were able to east Vietnam for aid, is the second fault also;Soldiers exposed even years old, the general did not think of their hard work, and please take the travel plug, because of the use of home, huai silver, yellow, hang three groups, kua xiang, is three too;Lost period gu, with evil as the solution, is four too;Ask jun Shu dao price and Yang do not know, with false dry jun, is five too.Ordered not to Lanchi, tomorrow is wrong again.What is the crime of a false officer who asks a wrong question and disobey a general?Push this heart out, between the river and the sea can be believed?Now the east of the more in-depth, the general can lead the masses to cover it?”Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty planned to send Yang Bo to lead the army to attack Dongyue again. Yang Bo was proud of his previous achievements, so he issued an edict to condemn him and said: “Your achievements were only to break the Shimen gate and find the gorge, and you didn’t cut the general and capture the flag. What is worth being proud of?In the previous attack on Panyu, you captured those who surrendered as prisoners and dug up the dead for battlefield slaughter. This was a mistake.It was a mistake to let Zhao Jiande and Lu Jia get support from east Vietnam.The soldiers have been exposed to the wilderness for years. You, disregarding their hard work, have asked for a post car to patrol the border and take the opportunity to go home. You boast in the countryside with the seals of gold and silver and three ribbons.You miss your family and delay your return to camp, but use the difficult road as an excuse. That’s four mistakes.When I ask you the price of a sword in Shu, you pretend not to know it and offend the sovereign by deceitful means.You accept the edict but don’t go to Lanchi Palace, and the next day you don’t explain.What will your men be guilty of if they do not answer him, if they give an order and do not obey him?Who in the world would believe you if you extended your mind to the outside world?Now that the East Vietnamese army has penetrated our borders, can you lead the army to remedy your mistake?”