The new Porsche Panamera looks different

2022-05-22 0 By

Based on overseas sources, we found spy photos of what appears to be the new Porsche Panamera.As can be seen from the picture, the appearance of the suspected new model is very different from the cash model, with the new style of headlights, front surround and c-pillar design different from the cash model.The current version of the Panamera won’t be released until 2021 and has already undergone modest styling changes, which, in keeping with Porsche’s four-year tradition, won’t be unveiled until 2024, if at all.Given the current information, however, it is surprising that the Panamera has been restyled in such a short period of time, and the leaked images show that the Panamera has undergone quite a few style changes.The only plausible explanation is that the Panamera will be the prototype for the next iteration, and porsche will use it as a test car for real-world testing.The Panamera’s next redesign will look a lot like the current one, judging by its new look and camouflaged-c-lights.In terms of power, the plug-in Hybrid e-Hybrid version is currently available, and the light Hybrid system or pure electric version is likely to be launched in the future.(Text: Pacific Auto network Gao Zijian)