Public Security in Jiuquan: the garrison police in the desert accompany the wind and sand with song

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On the day of family reunion, on the 192,000 square kilometers of land, the public security personnel of Jiuquan take responsibility and dedication spirit of “giving up the small family to care for everyone and the family is not round”, do not fear refinement and fearless test, dedicate the clearest love to the motherland and the most simple feelings to the people, and stick to their posts day and night.During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, the public security media of Jiuquan went to the grassroots to listen to their stories and record their lives, and specially launched a series of reports entitled “Going to the grassroots in the Spring Festival”.Company the desert sand with song – MingShui border police station of the year of the tiger lunar New Year Spring Festival, is the Chinese the most ceremonies are holiday of the year, is a surrogate for reunion, no matter how far, in the Spring Festival will be swept back to hometown, eat family reunion dinner, visit friends and relatives, warmth and companionship can stop the steps of hectic relaxes, come on, help for the coming year.”When I was a child, I looked far away, but when I grew up, my home became my hometown that I could not go back to.” For the garrison policemen from Mingshui Border Police Station in Jiuquan, Gansu province, they still stood firm and guarded the peace of the border amid the overwhelming tide of Spring Festival transportation.During the Spring Festival, the mingshui Border Police Station took the initiative to contact the FRIENDLY and neighboring forces of the PLA to discuss the details of joint border patrol.In the gobi desert turbulence for nearly three hours, finally came to the border with China, the police are you step up, walked more than 500 steps before the boundary tablets, came before the 487 boundary tablets, disinfection, MiaoHong, the police to visit Mongolia border controls in the dynamic, facing the national flag, solemnly swear before the boundary tablets: “border with me, please rest assured” motherland.After that, the police and the people’s liberation army friends border along the border with barbed wire in companies, and carefully checking their border infrastructure, and the people’s liberation army border company to discuss border controls next plan, reporting information and logistic mechanism, etc., after finish the tour edge TaZha task, along the way back, start at 8:30 in the morning skies, back to the night’s 21, winds whirring,Kim Young-keung, deputy director of the bureau, said, Today, my waist was broken, but I felt more comfortable after I made several rounds.Strong and happy riring is the best spring scenery, which is promising.Manong Mountain, the only border management area in Gansu Province, was once identified by UNESCO’s Human Living Environment Survey group as a “life exclusion zone unsuitable for human habitation”.Mingshui is the system of “island type” units, surrounded by no friendly units and human habitation, is hard in the hard, desolate desolate.However, it is such a harsh natural environment, a camp, see is the spirit of the face, straight military posture, hearty laughter.The howling of the wind outside was in sharp contrast to the sound of laughter inside.We dressed up the barracks together, carrying ladders and sticking couplets, hanging lanterns and sticking the word “fu”. In a short time, the barracks were dressed up like a red Chinese knot from afar in the vast Gobi Desert.”When a family is not round, every family will be reunited. We need to stick to the border line during the New Year, but because of our guard, many families can be reunited at ease,” Wang Weiwei, director of the department, said cheerfully as he wrapped dumplings.”If you can’t go home, I’ll spend the Spring Festival with you at the border.”At 21:30 PM on January 26, in the bleak wind and the vast darkness, wei Ga’s new wife, who lives in Weinan, Shaanxi Province, took trains, planes and buses to mingshui border police station after traveling more than 2,000 kilometers to accompany her husband to celebrate the Spring Festival.Like Wei ga’s wife, four family members came to work to accompany her husband to celebrate the Spring Festival. Niu Bo’s wife came from Tacheng, Xinjiang province, more than 4,000 kilometers away to accompany her husband to celebrate the Spring Festival.Some of the police’s family members are unable to spend the Spring Festival with their husbands because they take care of the elderly and their children. They miss their relatives more than ever during the festival. Zhao Ruiyang’s 3-year-old son sent a message on his mother’s mobile phone, saying, “Dad, you are busy.Listening to the child’s childish voice and warm words in the phone, this usually rough man can’t help crying.In side the people hold happiness is the best day “rule for edge” first xi general secretary of the entrust always engraved in MingShuiShui people generation after generation of heart talk, they use the footprints of ordinary measurement of the border with China in the period of gansu, in their eyes, the vast gobi desert is also a great rivers of the motherland, I don’t keep you don’t keep side, who will keep your heart?With strong festival atmosphere, seen on television, network in major cities across the country shining brightly, MingShui border police station and police to families on the empty silence of the gobi desert, with the mainland in the city’s compatriots shou sui, together to celebrate the New Year, they use ordinary stick to compose the “with sand in the desert, life long song” loyalty,With a cavity of blood to tell the motherland and the people of spring movement.Producer | | Duan Xiaoping final audit | pittenger mf, chung edit | wan d. feeds | MingShui border police station released | jiuquan city public security bureau media center