National Copyright Administration and other departments: Maintain a high pressure situation on the distribution of pirated films in cinemas

2022-05-22 0 By

Today (30), reporters learned from the National Copyright Administration, since 2019, the National Copyright Administration jointly with the relevant departments of the growing film copyright protection, a crackdown on theater bootleg and spread of illegal bootleg movie piracy illegal and criminal activities, and a batch of major cases theatrical film copyright infringement and achieved positive results.As the Spring Festival of 2022 approaches, a number of films will be screened in cinemas.In order to implement the work deployment of issuing opinions on Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and The General Office of the State Council, maintain the high-pressure situation on the pirated recording and dissemination of films in cinemas, consolidate the achievements of film copyright protection in cinemas in recent years, and create a healthy and orderly environment for watching films during the Spring Festival,National Copyright Administration, the state film bureau, culture and tourism, Ministry of Public Security departments in recently will do a better job of film copyright protection work of the deployment, urged all localities to hit cinemas film bootleg spread work included in the annual key work, sustained early warning and protection, strengthening supervision, focus on major cases investigation, to strengthen the work force,Prevent in advance and timely deal with the behavior of film piracy and transmission in cinemas, investigate and handle major cases of film piracy and transmission in cinemas according to laws and regulations, closely cooperate and coordinate with each other in information exchange, clue notification, coordinated response and professional support, strengthen joint work force and maintain good film market copyright order.(CCTV News)