It’s sunny again for rainbow farts

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With 5,000 more followers as the indicator, I’m a sunny day with rainbow farts.Well, it’s 15,000 fans today, and it’s sunny.Thank you very much for your support and encouragement. In the winter of life, I am grateful to have your company all the way. May we enter the warm spring of life together as soon as possible.”Read, study, experience, reflect and harvest every article carefully.”After reading this book, I may feel a little rusty because of my limited knowledge.After reading your explanation, I feel that it is easy to understand. “Sharing your experience with others is the greatest kindness.””I feel a little anxious these two days, I think I am poisoning, thank you for your timely reminder!””Your article is great!Very intelligent article!””Well written. After learning and practicing, you are now living a transparent and sober life!””Congratulations, really, on getting out of the mire.””Good article, worth reading!””Thank you, your article is like pouring water on dry ground, healing my anxious heart.””It’s good, it’s in the throes…””Every article will see today to see parents anxiety for children, quickly recommend her to look at your article.””Today I opened my cell phone, read your headlines, and harvested a lot.””Life in this world, there are not so many impassable, can only move forward, to survive, thank you!””Yes, there is a revelation.I am now beginning to worry about my son’s future work and life, and I am afraid that he will not be able to get married without money.Scrimping and scraping every day, not daring to spend a cent.Always want to find a earning point work to save money, but their own years of depression, physical and psychological are unbearable.Now feel that they should not be so, first to their own good, try to be happy, be kind to yourself.The child has the destiny of the child, he has his life, his road, must own consciousness, and efforts.””Well written!Agree!””Well said, some ideas become words that give insight.””Although not the same pain, but by analogy, often come here to learn nutrients, thank you for sharing.””Bad times, first quiet, wait for a while, maybe let their physical and mental health alive, will not cause a new burden on the children, each other can be well.””It’s so real. Thank you for your sincere sharing, so that the laters don’t have to take detours.””Good article, to live to understand, responsible for all people, first to be responsible for yourself, this has nothing to do with fairness!””You’re right. If parents don’t change, children can’t change.””You are a strong mom. You have learned the truth about life. Loving our kids starts with being a bosom friend.””Thanks for the article.Let oneself inner stability, do a good job of children’s calm.”Thank you for your encouragement. Love your children, love yourself first, and love will overflow.””Well said!There’s been a lot of headlines, but yours is my favorite.I’m waiting to see your updates every day.””Well said!Going through it, thank you.””I cannot write such a profound article without my own experience. I read every issue carefully, empathize with them and learn all the time.””You are my spiritual guide to my daughter’s depression!Your words give me strength, happy New Year.””Happy New Year!Your article, gave me warm comfort, the child is getting better and better, I wish the year of the Tiger happiness and health.”Thank you for meeting you!I feel warm and powerful when I read your article.”A mother like you is wise!””After reading your article last year, I also changed by myself. Now my child’s situation is changing very well. Thank you for sharing.””Learning, since the attention to you, the harvest is great, the heart also become full, in the darkest moment of life, at a loss, to see your article, gave me strength, thank you!”