How does individual accumulation fund hang on?

2022-05-22 0 By

Now many units in Wuhan only pay social security to employees but do not pay provident fund, so what should they do if they need provident fund loans?How does individual accumulation fund hang on?Many people think that social security and accumulation fund is not apart of pay, actually otherwise, social security and accumulation fund itself is not the same department, can be separated to pay, in a unit to pay social security, for example, in another unit to pay accumulation fund, this approach is feasible, many units are only for staff pay social security,That if they need provident fund loans can only be human resource company pay accumulation fund, usually go by working units and human resources company sign pay agreement, if the working unit does not agree to also can find the human resources company to own personal pay accumulation fund, the same pay accumulation fund, also can use accumulation fund loan.How does that person get attached to an HR firm?First by online data comparison to find out a few high quality human resources company, and then one by one consulting comparative advantage, finally have time to have a go to human resources have a look at the company, it is ok to confirm the authenticity, the key is to check the qualifications to the human resources company, acting capture of legal compliance.Actually provident fund is attached to very simple, find regular human resources company can be realized.The above is xiaobian about personal accumulation fund how to rely on all the introduction, we see you next period!