About 200,000 with a high version of the exploration yue, value for money!How about particle traps?

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Not long ago, a friend of mine bought a new fashion car to explore yue. After the discount of naked car, the price is quite beautiful. The price of full payment is about 200,000 yuan.He asked me out for a ride and said he wanted to give me a taste of what it was like to be in a car with high looks, super power and all.The following is our share of interested partners to watch!The appearance level is very high and the appearance of the unique exploration is the latest design of the family, in line with the aesthetic of the Chinese people.The honeycomb grid of exaggeration on the face before and majestic plating chrome adornment draw the outline of the hale model that gives explore yue, add a few minutes of acute spirit and heroic.The headlights and the net are highly integrated, which looks smart and fashionable.LED headlights use long and narrow design, more prominent discrimination.Tanyue’s body size is very mainstream, with a length of 4589mm, a width of 1860mm, a height of 1660mm, and a wheelbase of 2731mm.Whirlwind style wheel hub and roof luggage rack are equipped, so that the side lines of mountain exploration smooth and fully display dynamic beauty.The rear taillights have been redesigned with innovative geometry, improved identification and safety after lighting.The rear bumper also applied a silver trim for the point green, the tail to create a solid compact safety is also in place.Interior luxury technology sense strong open the door, the overall style of the interior of Yue is simple and generous design, luxury degree does not need more boast, high-tech configuration of all materials is also very sophisticated is other models are not comparable.What explore yue uses is dermal the seat that wraps wraps feeling is very strong, such seat increased comfort.At the same time, the seat supports 12-way electric adjustment, and the ventilation function can be opened in summer and the heating function can be opened in winter.Showing a full sense of science and technology and human care, with the use of materials, the use, the hierarchy is more clear, keyless entry function is also presented in the whole system.The flat bottom three-piece steering wheel is wrapped in leather, with a delicate grip and powerful function.The screen of tanyue has been adjusted to be large and clear. Many tanyue models are equipped with lane keeping system, which escorts the vehicle for safe driving and also has multimedia navigation and other functions. Tanyue has comprehensively upgraded the configuration, and the application standing is very intelligent and convenient.Space is big ride more comfortable explore yue in the performance of dimensional respect is very outstanding, 185cm I sit in the front row, the seat falls to appropriate position and adjusts the Angle of the seat back to comfortable sitting position is, in my head there is a fist two very ample space.Move to the back seat when the front seats are not moving.The rear seat 18CM front adjustable space is more flexible and changable the whole aviation headrest brings you a different ride experience.Tanyueh has always occupied a large market share in power. Take the engine for example. Tanyueh has three power versions, including the 1.4T model with 250NM torque output, and the 2.0T version with 350NM/320NM high and low power output.In terms of power, my friend’s mountain detector is equipped with an EA888 2.0t turbocharged engine with the maximum power of 162KW and the peak torque of 350NM. It is matched with 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, with a performance of about 7.6s. It has a lot of momentum in acceleration and overtaking, and the speed of transmission shift is fast.You can overtake with one foot on the gas.It can be seen that the transmission shift of Tanyue takes care of all kinds of road conditions, and there is no problem in shifting to ensure that there is no frustration in the movement.For tanyuke, the suspension system of McPherson type plus multi-link type is more sincere, and the chassis adjustment is moderate in soft and hard. When walking on the pothole road surface, sitting in the car can not feel the feeling of turbulence.This has been praised by many car owners.How does it work with high-tech particle traps?When the particles accumulate to a certain extent, the burner will automatically ignite and burn the carbon smoke particles adsorbed on it, which will be discharged into carbon dioxide to optimize its own performance.This process, called “regeneration,” is written at the end of the book. I felt a lot. After this ride, I came back from exploring the mountain.In general, this tanyue really good to open, tanyue appearance broad and arrogant, sufficient space and good comfort, three pieces of mature technology and high reliability, have a pure German quality, and say that the interior materials are very environmentally friendly, the car sound insulation effect is good.The tire is not noisy.The most satisfied is the gearbox shift is very smooth, no frustration.Do you think it’s worth it for such a good expedition?Welcome to discuss in the comments section!