Learn from Brother Wenlong!Shandong player Li Wenlong created history wonderful performance to inspire small players

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Qilu.net · Lightning news, February 17 — China’s short-track speed skating team, consisting of Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Sun Long and Li Wenlong, failed to win a medal in the men’s 5,000m relay at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 16 evening.In this winter Olympics, Shandong athlete Li Wenlong won a silver medal, which has already made history for Shandong.In the conference room of Badminton swimming Sports Management Center of Qingdao Sports Bureau, Li Wenlong’s teammates and coaches watched the live broadcast of the 5,000m men’s relay final.Che Jinghua, director of Qingdao Sports Bureau, said that the Chinese team was able to brave the strong hands and dare to win, and finally entered the final, which has handed in a satisfactory answer. I believe that the boys of short track speed skating will take this Winter Olympics as a new starting point, and continue to show the style of Chinese sports.Born in 2001, Li Wenlong joined the Qingdao short track speed skating team at the age of 11, specializing in men’s middle and long distance events.His excellent performance in the Winter Olympic Games also encouraged the Qingdao short track speed skating team, many of the small players usually train more seriously, hard, hope to win glory for the country like Li Wenlong in the future.Wei Jia, the coach of Qingdao short track speed skating team, said that since Li Wenlong won the silver medal in the Winter Olympics, the little team members have trained harder and their parents have actively cooperated with them. Even some children who have never had contact with ice and snow events are ready to participate in relevant training, which has promoted the development of ice and snow sports in Shandong province.Flash news reporter Xin Peng Qingdao report