Fishing ban, breeding control…Suqian has continuously improved the water environment quality of Luoma Lake

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Luoma Lake is one of the name cards of suqian to build a famous water city, “Two Lakes”. It is also the source of drinking water for the residents of Suqian. It is of great importance to protect the ecological environment of Luoma Lake.During our visit, we learned that in recent years, the Ecological environment department of Suqian took the initiative to contact the Office of Luoma Lake Fishery Management Committee, and proposed to give full play to the ecological function of fishery breeding while constantly improving the water quality of Luoma Lake, and constantly improving the water environment quality of Luoma Lake.Was made according to the different water environment and aquatic biological resources, fishery resources distribution, fish resources structure such as the status quo, suqian ban on fishing in lake set area, proliferation regulation area and ecological restoration area three functional areas, according to the characteristics of each functional area has different proliferation of protective measures, implement the “controlling water to fish,Promote the integration of fishery multiplication and ecological protection, and give better play to the function of ecological fishery in lake water quality improvement, lake ecological restoration and biodiversity protection.In 2021, the overall water quality of Luoma Lake was classified into Class III, and the three major indexes of chemical oxygen demand, permanganate index and total phosphorus remained unchanged year-on-year, reaching the level above class III.According to the introduction, luoma Lake two aquatic germplasm resources protection zone and four drinking water source protection zone (level 1, level 2 protection range) for the prohibition of fishing area, the implementation of year-round fishing ban.The aquatic germplasm resources protection area mainly protects carp, crucian carp and green shrimp, and other protected species include Yellow catfish, erythrofin culter, warped mouth culter, snakehead, chuatsi, Snakehead, snail, clams and so on.The drinking water source protection areas are the intakes of Sucheng District of Suqian City, Hubin New Area of Suqian City, Yaowan of Xuzhou City and Xinyi City respectively, with a total area of 22.56 square kilometers, accounting for about 6% of the lake area, mainly guaranteeing the daily drinking water safety of people in Xuzhou and Suqian.Suqian has constructed three types of breeding control zones in Luoma Lake, namely, strengthening algal suppression function zone, fish community regulation function zone and ecological restoration function zone, and implemented artificial control.In order to improve the water quality of the drinking water source protection area and clean up the polluted shellfish, an enhanced algal inhibition function area was set up in 1.5 km area outside the luoma Lake drinking water source protection area to release the silver carp, bighthys nobilis and benthic carnivorous fish.In the open water area of Luoma Lake, a functional area for regulating fish community was set up to breed the silver carp, bighead and Chinese mitten crab, purify the water quality and optimize the ecological environment.In order to control and reduce the population number of small fish, the release number of culter and whitebait should be appropriately increased.The main area of fencing, Seine and enclosure culture in Luoma Lake was adjusted to the functional area of ecological restoration. Silver carp and aristichthys nobilis were selected as the main discharge objects, so as to achieve the ecological conservation purpose of “suppressing algae with fish” and multi-trophic biological control.At the same time, Suqian continues to promote the construction of luoma Lake ecological restoration area.The area within 1 km of the lake’s coastal zone is ecological restoration zone, and restricted recapture is implemented.The main objectives of the zone are to ensure fish spawning and reproduction and to improve the diversity of aquatic animals and plants.Build lakeside ecological buffer zone, block non-point source pollution, actively promote luoma Lake Suqian control triangle ecological construction project, continue to restore the lake free ecology.Implement the zoning treatment of ecological restoration, promote the construction of forest ecological green corridor around Luoma Lake, and gradually restore the complex vegetation community by planting shrubs, ground cover and other plants.Carry out biodiversity surveys to understand the population distribution of aquatic animals and plants, identify the species and causes of attenuation, carry out targeted replenishment and recovery of species, and prevent the invasion of alien species.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: