Zeng Shiqiang, master of Chinese Culture: “Whether a person has achieved or not depends on these three key points”

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Most people go through life doing nothing, mainly because there is no one to lead them to do things, until others have a successful career, just wake up.Only, wake up too late, sometimes, age, lost the opportunity.Early to understand the social rules, early to benefit their life.Most people’s achievements are not achieved overnight. They are accumulated over a long period of time.So how do you achieve success?Zeng Shiqiang, a famous master of Sinology, once said, with strength, seize opportunities, occupy territory, life as long as remember these three words, will be able to achieve.1, with the strength of life the most critical thing is to cultivate their own strength, strength did not cultivate up, do what things are not convenient.However, the process of accumulating strength is very hard. It is the process of a person from “0 to 1”.The process of going from zero to one is harder than ever.The reason why the second generation of rich and government officials seem to have it easy is that their parents have accumulated a lot of wealth and connections for them, and they don’t need to struggle from “0 to 1” anymore, so they are more likely to succeed than others.They’re building on their parents’ legacy and not having as hard a journey to “1 to 100″ as people who have nothing.By strength, the training of strength does not mean a degree.”Qualifications don’t matter,” says Mr Tsang. “Strength does.”Because the industry barrier that makes painstakingly on society nowadays, a lot of industry entry needs record of formal schooling ability to be ok, but this does not represent record of formal schooling useful, record of formal schooling itself is useless, only record of formal schooling can represent ability and actual strength when ability is useful.In the future, as the news of “not giving strength” frequently comes out among highly educated people, de-education is likely to become a reality.2, Seize the opportunity when you have strength, you should develop a sharp eye.Sharp eyes can be trained and adjusted as they accumulate strength.Have a keen eye so that you can see and consciously seize opportunities when they come your way.The same opportunity, people see but you can not see, people found you did not find, then prove that your vision also need to temper.When an opportunity, you see it and others see it, it’s not an opportunity.If the opportunity is looming, you can be keenly aware of it, which corresponds to your ability to predict and anticipate, this ability is very simple, can be one step ahead of others to stand out.In fact, any industry has opportunities, know how to grasp the opportunity, can let their accumulation of explosive growth.When you see an opportunity that no one else has, plan and act on it.This operation is territorial.Know how to occupy the site, should be occupied and useful site layout in advance, so you have to do things to develop to a certain extent, the use of some “site”, you can easily pass.The “turf” here can be a width of turf or a height of turf.A profitable industry, the first to occupy the territory, the first to lurk down, the more interests of their own.When you enter an industry early, cooperate with customers early, and occupy the market in multiple directions, it is easy to form barriers when newcomers flood in, and it is difficult for others to get a share of the pie.If your family background is not thick, not rich second generation and the strength of the official second generation, then remember the Chinese master Zeng Shiqiang’s words, for your life has great interests.What is life? It’s strength, opportunity, territory.It’s a gradual process, and if you don’t build up your strengths, it’s hard to seize opportunities when they come your way.Therefore, a person’s life, know how to accumulate strength, will have the capital of take-off, strength can be money, contacts, skills, management and other dimensions, as long as their intentions, will be very good accumulation, let oneself really from 0~1, from nothing.John D. Rockefeller, the first billionaire in the 19th century, basically implemented the three key points of Mr. Tsang: strength, seize opportunities and occupy territory.Rockefeller grew up poor, but his father trained him in business.At the age of sixteen, he got a job as a bookkeeper in a company, earning $300 a year. He was promoted to chief bookkeeper, and his salary rose from $300 to $600 a year. This was already a high-paying job, enough to keep the Rockefellers well off.But Rockefeller is not content with that.In 1858, Rockefeller entered the oil business in partnership with friends in the resale of agricultural products.At that time, Rockefeller, aiming at the oil market, the social most startups are run on crude oil, Rockefeller started to petroleum refining, then oil prices tumbled, Rockefeller take this opportunity to a large number of acquisitions of oil companies, merged more than 40 vendors, monopolized the eighty percent of American oil refining business, become a real “king” of oil.In his early days, Rockefeller used all the resources around him to boost his startup, get money and connections.Seize opportunities. When Rockefeller saw the blue ocean “refining” in the oil industry, he actively seized opportunities to develop. When the price of crude oil fell sharply, he actively acquired and expanded the company.Rockefeller continued his oil business, taking over an entire oil chain, eventually acquiring most of the refining business in the United States and becoming an unrivalled presence in the industry.What is life?Teacher Tsang shih-keong said, with strength, seize opportunities, occupy territory, life as long as remember these three words, will be successful.This article is created by “Daily Learning Culture”, more exciting content, welcome to pay attention to, thank you!