The man dug up the dragon-shaped root, which experts said was worthless, but the price was a blow to the face

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Strange things happen in the world every day.Today I want to say to you, “men dig longgen, experts say they are worthless, but the price hit their own face”.Let’s see.When the villagers went up the mountain to dig for roots, they dug up a big guy whose shape was very much like the dragon in the ancient legend.So the man took the root home.On closer inspection, he thought he looked like a cypress, but he wasn’t sure.It’s a strange shape.He thought he must have picked up the baby this time.So he gave it to the timber dealer’s experts, but others said it wasn’t worth much.As soon as he heard the news, he became calm and sold it to someone else.At the time, the man who bought the roots was a sculptor.The sculptor said it was a natural shape of Yabai and was willing to buy it at the price of 10,000 yuan.He was very happy when he heard it.Didn’t he say it was worthless?It’s still valuable.The price is jaw-dropping.Only when you see something in the hands of an expert can you truly reflect its value!What do you think of this?Leave a comment below.