Suzhou Xiangcheng Youth League District Committee: isolation does not separate love, warm care

2022-05-20 0 By

Xinhua News Agency client Nanjing February 27(Chen Xiyuan, LIU Zhenyuan) Amid the busy pace of the resumption of work and production in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, a group of medical workers, community workers and volunteers are stationed in local controlled communities and quarantine points.Recently, the city phase city Youth League district committee organized youth groups to quarantine areas, control points to carry out “energy supply” special action.Xiangcheng District Youth Farmers Alliance, Lu Mu vegetable market manager Shi Zhenhao responsible for fruit distribution.”Every bag has the fruit such as apples, oranges, bananas, kiwi eight or nine, ensure that quarantine staff a week the amount of fruit, fruit to raise, bagging, distribution are done we youth league together, bagging spent more than six hours, but we don’t feel tired, want to render to do something, to resist disease work pep talk.””Today I opened the door and received a bag of toys. At that moment, I was so moved that I wanted to cry. My eyes were wet anyway.Over the past two days, Wang Zhudong, a local young entrepreneur and founder of Chuangle, donated more than 400 sets of toys to children at the isolation point.”This collection of toys is not only for children, but also for adults to play with, so it is good for children to turn their time in isolation into a special memory.”Li Jingyi, secretary of the District Committee of xiangcheng Youth League, said that the special campaign of “energy supply” has received support from many parties. The Youth Chamber of Commerce in Xiangcheng District has delivered 295 boxes of milk, biscuits, ginger tea, instant noodles and other supplies to staff in the quarantined and controlled areas, and 1,000 child masks to those in need.”One by one ‘love cars’ out, is the love and warmth in the transmission, for every front-line workers to supplement the’ youth energy ‘.”Xinhua News Agency client Jiangsu channel editor: Liu Qiyin source: Xinhua News Agency Jiangsu branch