Good for you!Most citizens in Spain refused to remove face masks on the first day of the ban on wearing them outdoors

2022-05-20 0 By

According to information published by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Spain has confirmed 10,555,196 COVID-19 positive cases by PCR and 95,606 cumulative deaths as of 10 February 2022.On February 10, there were 53,055 new infections and 393 new deaths, with the infection rate falling to 1,567 per 100,000 inhabitants.According to ABC, wearing masks on the streets is no longer mandatory, but most residents say the epidemic is not over and it is too early to take them off for everyone’s safety.Of course, many people are looking forward to the day, but when they see the majority of people wearing masks on the street, they start to think about whether they should wear masks. “It’s too early to completely give up masks,” they said. “The situation is not 100 percent safe, but they want to take advantage of it to relax.”Under such circumstances, parents who send their children to school also have different ideas. Some parents believe that it is a reward for their children to take off masks during the break, while others believe that the epidemic will not be severe in a day or two, so protective measures are important all the time.