Donggang traffic police precision attack found a drunk driving serious traffic violations

2022-05-20 0 By

Qilu evening news · JiLuYi correspondent Dong Jixin in order for road traffic safety management work, fight for drunken driving drunk driving and so on serious traffic violations caused by road traffic safety accidents, to further consolidate the rural masses “drive don’t drink, don’t drink and drive” safety consciousness, to ensure road traffic safety situation stability.Traffic police Donggang Brigade adopts the wrong time service, relay rectification, random inspection, precise interception and other methods to maximize the police input into the key areas where drunk-driving crimes, accidents and dinner parties are concentrated, and improve the police rate and inspection frequency on the road.In accordance with the requirements of “full coverage, zero tolerance and strict law enforcement”, further strengthen the investigation and punishment of drunk driving in rural areas.Recently, the traffic police east Port brigade in the area of the south King highway card on the past vehicle inspection, found a car number plate for LZ***6 in the distance from the checkpoint stopped suddenly 100 meters, the driver and co-pilot passenger seat exchange, then slowly towards the checkpoint.The police on duty immediately stopped the car, at the beginning of the two people in the car insisted that there was no driver, then the police on duty took bayonet photos and peripheral monitoring, in solid evidence, the two people finally admitted their wrong behavior.Police on duty to the “co-driver” Zhou breath alcohol test, the results showed that the body alcohol content of 153mg/100ml, suspected of drunk driving motor vehicle, then took it to the relevant department for blood test.Brigade will seize the car according to law, and the driver Zhou mou’s illegal behavior was severely criticized education, requires its 15 days to the squadron to accept processing.At present, the case is being further handled.