Will young people feel sad when they spend the New Year alone in a foreign land?NO, this apartment in Shanghai, working people like to eat, drink and play during holidays

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“My family are very supportive of me when I say I will stay in Shanghai this year instead of going home!”Songnan Wepark in Baoshan Fangcao apartment, reporters saw “after 95” Anhui girl Li.After studying in the United States for seven years, she moved into her apartment at the end of October last year and is now working in finance at Wujiaochang.Speaking of his decision not to go home, Xiao Li seemed relaxed.”On the one hand, I am worried about the complicated epidemic. If something happens to me on the way home, it will not be good for me to delay my work for the rest of the year.My family also attaches great importance to epidemic prevention and supports me not to come back.”On the other hand, Li said that this is the eighth Spring Festival she has been away from home. “I am quite independent and my family is used to it. I just want to make a video call to greet each other on New Year’s Eve.”Before the interview, the reporter thought this was a slightly sad young man alone in a foreign New Year’s story.Instead, it became the keynote of “working people” enjoying their holidays, eating and playing leisurely.Xiao Li said that since moving last year, she has been busy, has not been able to take a good rest, fortunately this Spring Festival is not on the road, finally able to rest for a while.After the company had a holiday yesterday, she happily entered the festive state – usually not sleep late, now can heartily stay up to watch drama, play games, sleep to wake up naturally in the morning.I am busy with work and don’t have much time to accompany the cat. Then I can stay in my room and play with the cat every day.There is no need to worry about eating. She has made a good reserve, bought many fresh and frozen food, filled the refrigerator, and prepared “diy, abundant food and clothing” for the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner.”When I’m too lazy to cook, I order take-out. It’s quite convenient.”These two days, as many tenants have returned home, the original busy long – term rental apartment quiet a lot.However, the reporter noticed that all the public activity Spaces on the lower floor of the apartment were still open and lit. Paper-cuts and couplets celebrating the Year of the Tiger were posted on the glass of each room, and “Happy Year of the Tiger” decorative signs were placed along the sidewalk. Small red lanterns were hung above the restaurant, showing a strong festive atmosphere.The staff of Wepark Fangcao Apartment said that the housekeeper of the apartment counted the tenants who stayed in Shanghai for the Spring Festival through wechat before the Festival, and learned that there were still a large number of tenants staying in Shanghai for the Spring Festival, so they decided to open the shared kitchen, restaurant, study room, gym, player club, video and audio room as usual to enrich everyone’s holiday life.”The gym outside is closed for the New Year, but the free gym in the apartment is still open, which is a surprise.””I can’t just eat and do nothing during the New Year,” said Li, who studied dance and plans to spend some time at the gym and doing yoga.Cao Li, who was born after 75, is also planning to stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival.As the first tenant of the apartment, Cao Li has become a well-known group leader and fitness leader in the apartment community.How do you celebrate Spring Festival?His answer: Running, of course.Not long ago, Shanghai released an official wechat account titled “City Micro Tour! Welcome the New Year with a” Tiger “Walk in Shanghai.” It announced a 17.7-kilometer jogging route, allowing runners to run a “Tiger” on the map.When Cao saw this, he immediately thought of organizing runners to celebrate the Lunar New Year’s Day with a unique sense of ceremony.”I went to the spot according to the map the day before yesterday and figured out the route. It takes about two hours to run down the whole distance.”Cao said 40 to 50 runners have already signed up for the day’s event, and they plan to meet at the starting point at 7 am and start at 7:18 am.”We also have events for foodies!”Cao said he also plans to organize a sharing party in the apartment’s public activity space on the third day of the New Year, inviting runners and other tenants to make dumplings and eat hot pot to celebrate the New Year.This article was written by Wu Yue. Text editor: Wu Yue. Photo source: Wu Yue