The long maple daughter is the kiss of the ink orchid niece, why does she want to abandon the niece is a girl film?

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Moran back out on the old lady was scared disease thief truth, a family without a man dislike her, only one female compatriot’s brother long maple gently to her, that moment LiuShi eldest daughter just gave birth to the long maple office soon, long maple to fondle admiringly often personally take care of the daughter, moran saw long maple, maple is made with less than one full year of life long daughter happy laughter,I couldn’t even talk to my sister.Black orchid see brother only daughter in the eyes, and to ask their own questions, suddenly some big fire, mouth then mercilessly mocking dont know long maple what good proud of, but gave birth to a girl film.This words out, long maple instant not happy, said he had the daughter after all satisfied, but also hit back at The Black orchid 1, said she even sat on the countess is not satisfied, directly put the Black Orchid gas away.This Mo LAN is also strange, long Maple’s daughter, is not her own niece?Since she knows that there is only a long maple brother, not for brother had a child and happy even if, why also dislike niece is a girl film?To know, black orchid long maple married time earlier for a long time, long maple is in such as blue and Ming LAN married after the Liu, so long time in the past, Black orchid still have no, but late married long maple had children first.After all, before she was married, Lin loved her more than long Maple. Mo LAN also thought she was better than long maple. But she was a man, so long maple had nothing to do with her.But now, the long maple is obviously happier than Mo LAN, on their children than Mo LAN opened branches, which has always been proud mo LAN how to stand?Her mouth dislike long maple but got a girl film happy not, if she gave birth to a daughter out, uncertain how to show off!However, after two miscarriages in a row, Moran’s body was probably not suitable for pregnancy for the time being. After several years of marriage, she had no children. Could she not envy others for having children?It is worth mentioning that book long maple said the daughter doesn’t like dad, also don’t like more don’t like her, one female compatriots kiss aunt moran, that looks much like wanda unexpectedly lady westlands, therefore provoked all the palace next to the little girl affectionately, westlands not only concerned for her, even wanda lady saw couldn’t resist softhearted.Seeing such an ignorant little niece, She naturally became even less fond of her.