Shanghai has listed the purchase of infant milk powder and other maternal and infant products as a key guarantee item

2022-05-19 0 By

Shanghai’s 146th press conference on epidemic prevention and control was held this morning, according to reporter Liu Yilin.According to the deputy mayor of Shanghai, the city the epidemic prevention and control special leading group life material support team head gestured to introduce, for maternal and infant products such as baby milk powder to buy difficult problems, we have put it as a key guarantee for the item, for this kind of product allocation, transportation, distribution and other key protection, and to each big electric business platform and super priority order and delivery.He said that in terms of maternal and infant products supply, the demand for popular maternal and infant products mainly relies on Lianhua supermarket, Metro, Carrefour and other comprehensive supermarket stores to meet the demand.We help enterprises to coordinate the smooth logistics, terminal distribution and other problems, improve the enterprise supply capacity.In the past 10 days, more than 3,500 cans of infant milk powder have been sold daily in the above supermarkets and stores, and the current stock is 133,200 cans, with sufficient supply.During the epidemic period, people can place orders through the aforementioned online mobile app of the enterprise, which will be delivered to the community from the offline stores of the enterprise.For the demand of personalized maternal and child products, we have sorted out more than 10 enterprises that are familiar with maternal and child products, and timely handled the vehicle pass.Recently, also further excavated a number of infant milk powder, maternal and child products, diapers brand enterprises, and strive to meet more needs of the public.For example, yesterday morning, a consumer asked the TV station to buy an amino acid formula milk powder, Kingsoft Wanda Baby care immediately sent two cans to consumers, and immediately from Zhejiang Yiwu to allocate more than 600 cans of special formula milk powder, has arrived in Shanghai early this morning.In order to provide more convenient services to the public, we promote the connection between meituan, Ele. me and other e-commerce platforms and maternal and infant care and supply enterprises. Relying on e-commerce platform, we collect information on the needs of the public and timely connect with brand enterprises of maternal and infant products to solve practical difficulties for the public.(Liu Yilin)