Shanghai beach: there are so many beautiful daughter miss, why ding Li must marry Feng Cheng cheng can not?

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Guide language: “Shanghai beach” the relation between xu Wenqiang inside and Ding Li is very complex really, what cannot deny is the brotherly affection between them really, but this brotherly affection is not so pure.Minggang Ding Li, can not understand the “friend wife can not be bullied” truth, he knew xu Wenqiang with Feng Chengcheng between things, why he is not Feng Chengcheng don’t marry?After all, there is more than feng Chengcheng in Shanghai. What is the reason behind this?Under normal circumstances, Xu Wenqiang and Ding Li two people are impossible to have intersection, they are two people of the world, but they are two in the case of accidental encounter, and two people are not willing to mediocre heart, based on this basis, so they have the basis of intersection.If Xu Wenqiang and Ding Li are just business partners, then they can be said to be perfect match, one can see from their first encounter, Xu Wenqiang is dressed like a scholar, while Ding Li is a typical low-level figure, rude but strong.As the saying goes, a hero two help, they all want to rise to the top, to struggle the world, xu Wenqiang and Ding Li this kind of both civil and military is not just good?In fact, their original setting is like this, but because of the casting of actors, let Ding Li as a force to bear this part is not well highlighted!The brotherly love between Xu Wenqiang and Ding Li is true, but it is true that they get what they want from each other.Without the introduction of Xu Wenqiang’s intelligence, Ding Li could not escape from the bottom class. Without Ding Li’s fierce fighting, Xu Wenqiang could hardly establish himself in Shanghai Beach.To a certain extent, Xu Ding and Xu Ding are mutually successful brothers.However, clearly they are brothers, clearly Ding Li knows feng Chengcheng and Xu Wenqiang things, why Ding Li also pursue Feng Chengcheng, and feng Chengcheng does not marry?Because Ding Li wants to satisfy his vanity after success.Once at the bottom of the time, Feng Jingyao is ding Li’s idol, he dreamed to see Feng Jingyao, he did not think that one day he could become the most important feng Jingyao, the most capable cadres.For Ding Li, this is a small achievement, do not underestimate the power of the idol, so for Ding Li, to be able to become the idol’s son-in-law, to marry the idol’s daughter, for him, is a great satisfaction, so he will be on Feng Cheng Cheng chase!Moreover for Ding Li this kind of grassroots counterattack generation, he succeeded, he needs to be recognized by others, need a decent woman to deck the front for him.And Feng Cheng cheng as Feng Jingyao’s daughter, no matter from temperament beauty, or education knowledge, and even social status, it is not too appropriate.Ding Li is in urgent need of feng Cheng cheng such a woman, to decorate the appearance of their Ding family, Shanghai beach is indeed a lot of yuan, but only feng Cheng cheng such a woman, is the best choice, and Ding Li has the condition of getting the first month, is not it?Non Feng Cheng cheng not to marry the reason is actually related to Xu Wenqiang, do not underestimate the competition between brothers, even if there will be competition between brothers to suppress, let alone Ding Li and Xu Wenqiang this relationship?Ding Li grateful Xu Wenqiang is true, but there is jealousy of xu Wenqiang dark poke, in fact, is also true!Especially in Ding Li feng Jingyao reuse, Feng Jingyao began to deal with Xu Wenqiang, Ding Li want to suppress Xu Wenqiang’s mind is clearly revealed, he seems to want to prove that he is not worse than Xu Wenqiang!Xu Wenqiang had things and people, he wanted to fight over, so this is that he knew feng Chengcheng with Xu Wenqiang had a sincere feelings, but still insisted on marrying Feng Chengcheng.As for ding Li, what does he know about romantic love?For him, marrying someone is the ultimate winner.Where would Ding Li care about brotherly love at this time?However, for whatever reason, ding Li did not marry Feng Chengcheng because of love. That is why ding Li did not cherish feng Chengcheng after he married her.Because Ding Li’s ideological pattern is just like that, he has no culture, his thoughts still stay in the past achievements of the era of husband power, while Feng Cheng cheng is a woman of the new era, they could not get together at all.The spiritual world of Xu Wenqiang and Feng Chengcheng is interlinked, but it is a pity that after Xu Wenqiang embarked on the road of gang, he could not be a pure progressive youth any more!Xu Wenqiang, Ding Li and Feng Chengcheng three tragedy, can only be said to be the fate of people, do you think