Rich wealth is playing table tennis.Silly head overexert, throw the racket to prosperous wealth face!

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Rich wealth and stupid head played table tennis.They fought very hard.Neither intended to yield to the other.The result is a move of the head.Let prosperous wealth direct no way to play.The result foolish head force excessively, the racket jilted in prosperous wealth’s face.Table tennis is good for your health.But when you play table tennis, you have to follow the rules.Do not be like a foolish head he only care about their own win did not care about the feeling of wealth, directly put the hand of the racket jilted in the face of wealth.That’s the end of this cartoon.Xiaobian reminds you students not to take the lead in learning like our hero.If you are playing table tennis or any other game, you must obey the rules of the game. Friendship first, competition second.Don’t hurt your opponent just to win.Prosperous wealth helps foolish head check leg, the result accidentally kicked toe into prosperous wealth’s nose!Foolish head as a result of too hot, hence thought a method, let oneself become cool rise!