Beitang Experimental Primary School launched an online activity titled “Welcome the Winter Olympics, Look forward to the Future together”

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou city, Hebei Province, from February 4, 2022 to February 20, 2022.It will be the first time in The history of China to host the Winter Olympics, and Beijing will become the first city in Olympic history to host both summer and Winter Olympics.In order to welcome the Winter Olympics, understand the knowledge of the Winter Olympics, let students feel the Olympic spirit, stimulate patriotic feelings, From January 17 to 20, Beitang Experimental Primary school launched online “welcome the Winter Olympics, together towards the future” as the theme of the winter Olympics series of activities.What do the children know about the Winter Olympics?You see, the children through the form of hand-copied newspaper, introduced the winter Olympic Games sports and related knowledge, to welcome the Arrival of the Olympic Games.Exquisite paintings show the beautiful world of ice and snow, sports and children’s love of ice and snow.Speaking of the Winter Olympic athletes, feel the Olympic spirit to welcome the Winter Olympics, the red scarf in action.This holiday, the children of north elementary school are also “chasing stars” : Yang Yang, Zhang Jiahao, Yang Qian, Wu Dajing, Gu Ailing…You listen, grade four class ten Ma Chenxuan, Grade four class one Yang Chenze and many other young pioneers to tell you the story of the Olympic athletes, the delivery of healthy and upward Olympic spirit.Lively rhythm, cheerful songs, children with gesture dance “together to the future” to express the expectations and blessings of the Winter Olympics, with practical action to help the Winter Olympics, and the great motherland together to a better future!Of colorful paint brush, paint a better future Art teachers organize students to “dream weavers ice and snow, the games” as the theme of children’s painting activity, the children’s imagination and creativity, with colorful brush, the elegantly colorful, exquisite works express his composition to the blessings of the games, yearning for a better future!In order to further promote the Olympic spirit and inherit the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, the children of the school’s calligraphy society and paper cutting society also brought excellent works, so as to help the Beijing Winter Olympics and cheer for China!Look, beautiful works express the students’ good wishes and expectations for the Winter Olympics!Welcome the Winter Olympics, together to the future!Sports is strong, the country is strong, the spirit of sports brings people is endless energy and hope, let us together in adhere to the movement, forge a strong body!Yang Winter Olympics culture again, self-restraint noble spirit!(Source: Beitang Experimental Primary School, Linwei District, Weinan City)