You will not persecute Garfield!

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1. Black Widow: I jumped down with the determination to die and you caught me!What about my jewels!Oh, thank you so much, Garfield!Thanos: How dare Garfield stand in the way of my great plan!Take a punch from me!3. I: You’d better kill her!4. If you don’t recognize me, tell me!5. Iron Man: Hey, hey, I saved my leg, Garfield can handle it!Toby: Not you!I’m spider-man too, so I look stupid!Captain America: Thank you, Garfield, but can you get your hands off my ass?Tony: Good catch, Garfield!You can change your suit, by the way!Winter Soldier: See my eyes? Put me down. Watch out for my punches.Loki: Ahhhh!Huh?…I don’t want face!Put me down now!Newton: I can’t hold my coffin down!Godzilla:…It’s not my fault. He picked me up!Mary Jane: Can’t catch me, can you?A man who cheats on a woman’s affections!Many superheroes said: Garfield is really willing to help a good neighbor, this person can get along, some people he is really connected!Only M.J. said: They can all catch, but not me!Break up!