The new case in Huludao was a husband and wife who hid their travel to avoid COVID-19 prevention and control measures

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This article was transferred from;From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 23, 2022, there was a new confirmed case of COVID-19 (mild) in Huludao City, Liaoning Province, and an asymptomatic case of COVID-19 was found during the active screening of personnel from Jianchang County returning from other provinces, and the infection strain was omicron mutant strain.The newly confirmed cases and asymptomatic cases are husband and wife. They returned to China on March 22 by changing their mobile phone cards and concealing their travel schedule to evade epidemic prevention and control measures.The CDC and public security departments took joint action to locate the two people, immediately took control measures, and investigated them for their responsibilities in accordance with the law while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control.At the city and county levels, inspections and control, tracing the source of the epidemic, nucleic acid testing, environmental eradication, and prevention of spills have been carried out in an orderly manner.All incoming (returning) personnel and vehicles will be strictly managed according to their classification, and the “four-party responsibility” will be further consolidated to strengthen the prevention and control of key places, groups and links.At present, Huludao has sufficient supplies and all epidemic prevention and control work has been carried out in an orderly manner.According to epidemiological investigation, the nucleic acid test results of the two people were all negative from March 14 to 20, and their travel tracks were the same. The locations involved in the trip were as follows: In the morning of March 22, Guzhangzi Rural Dianzi gas station, Lida Auto Trade Backyard, County Center Farmers market vegetable hall and Market No. 11 grocery store in Guzhangzi Village, Jianchang County;22 afternoon, jianchang county suburban group mountain road edge.The omicron variant strains have the characteristics of faster propagation speed and stronger concealment.All citizens must not be careless and let down their vigilance. They should wear masks, wash their hands frequently, ventilate frequently, gather less and use one meter of noodles to strictly protect themselves.Do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, do not create rumors, all information to the official notification shall prevail.In case of fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste) sensation, diarrhea and other symptoms, please seek medical advice in a timely manner according to regulations, and avoid taking public transportation during medical treatment.We hope that all citizens will abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, actively report relevant information, and actively cooperate with the prevention and control work. Those who conceal or lie about the epidemic and cause serious consequences will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.(CCTV reporter Li Chengze)