School season, Danfeng luanzhuang traffic police campus surrounding road traffic management and good school “first lesson” two hands

2022-05-18 0 By

According to the Ministry of Public Security of do a good job in the new term of traffic safety management requirements, to ensure the traffic safety of the students during term time, to improve the security of the campus and the surrounding road traffic order maintenance, since February 16, red phoenix in morning public security traffic police mountain zhuang squadron measures simultaneously, to start the back-to-school rectification action, completes the campus traffic safety security work around the beginning of the new term.At the same time, combined with the actual area, in-depth primary and secondary schools to carry out the “first lesson of school” traffic safety publicity activities.As Li Jun, the leader of Luanzhuang High School, said, “The safety of students affects the hearts of parents and the whole society. It is our common responsibility to ensure the safety of students’ travel.”At present, the campus surrounding road traffic illegal special rectification and better the new semester traffic safety “first lesson” activities are in an orderly way.