Quiet Year of the Ox New Year’s Eve, quietly year of the Tiger on the first day of the first month, the county more and more quiet quiet

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After several years of not going back to their hometown for the Spring Festival, they made an appointment with their younger brother, and the two families went back to accompany their parents for the Spring Festival.Parents in, home in the heart has always been a kind of home care, to the taste of the idea.My parents live in my hometown county, which has no high-speed rail.At 3 PM on New Year’s Eve, our two families took the high-speed train from their respective cities. It took us more than 6 hours to reach the high-speed railway station in The city. Then we rented a car to go to our hometown.(Year flavor) rushed to the county is already six o ‘clock in the afternoon, it was dark, and it was raining, although see the city lights flashing, but did not hear the sound of firecrackers, very strange, asked the teacher, this time point, how did not hear the sound of firecrackers?The teacher told us that the county had banned firecrackers for two years.Now the city people New Year, quietly, like the devil into the village and do bandits, secretly, has no taste of the New Year.Ordinary days are not allowed to set off firecrackers can be understood, but the New Year’s Eve to eat a reunion dinner, close the god of wealth, the New Year’s Day to open the god of wealth, and parents pay New Year’s visit, these two days are not allowed to set off firecrackers, do some too much no human touch.I smiled and didn’t answer.Big and medium-sized city already ban to set off firecrackers actually 10 years, everybody was used to quiet quiet.After all, the city is a land of immigrants, we are all heroes from all sides, different customs, different likes and dislikes, and no blood ties, can only talk about laws rather than feelings, follow the rules more than the sky is more important than the mountains, thin as paper as water.(New Year’s Eve) As an urban and rural junction, the county has both urban civilization and rural soil, and is often the place where civilization and tradition, advanced and backward contest.Just did not think of, the hometown of the county also banned guns for two years.I do not know the county where firecrackers are banned for two years, what kind of flavor will the New Year be now?Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty, or noisy and quiet?According to the original custom, before eating the New Year’s Eve dinner and closing the door of the god of wealth at twelve o ‘clock in the evening, firecrackers should be set off.Therefore, as soon as the night falls, the firecrackers of each household rise and fall, as if the night of the whole county, are blown up, lifted up, in a high carnival.Now these are not, no before the roar of firecrackers, no farewell firecrackers about the god of wealth, everything is so quiet, everything is so primitive, so full of silence in addition to the year of the ox.The ox went quietly, while the tiger came quietly.Every New Year’s arrival is always welcomed with firecrackers.Hometown habit is after twelve o ‘clock, someone began to set off firecrackers to open the door of the god of wealth, after a succession of people with firecrackers open, open their own god of wealth door, but most people are in the fast dawn to open the god of wealth door.On the first day of the first lunar month before the start of Spring, the dawn was very late, almost all of them were blown up by firecrackers.Now can not set off firecrackers, it also woke up very late.Only waking up to the ringing of the phone can I examine the arrival of the first day of my tiger year.The first day of the first month of the year of the Tiger, so in our sleep, quietly came to our life.New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, one is the last day of the Year of the Ox, the other is the first day of the year of the Tiger, in the past, the first two days of this year, are the roar of firecrackers.In the words of ordinary people, this is the thick Flavor of the New Year.For ordinary people, the New Year’s flavor they recognize is the Spring Festival customs passed down for thousands of years, including eating, drinking, playing, and wearing clothes one after another, such as setting off firecrackers, sending the Kitchen God, pasting Spring Festival couplets, hanging lanterns, performing dragon and lion dances, walking on stilts, closing and opening the door of the God of wealth, and so on.One of the families most like and the most hot is to set off firecrackers.Now the county is also not allowed to set off firecrackers, it is hard to avoid all kinds of regrets in life, let people feel more or less too left taste, there is a kind of “feudal traditional bad habits” was cut off.Just like the implementation of the one-child policy at the beginning, it is certainly good, even a generation later, to promote the birth of children, few people to give birth.The same goes for New Year’s Flavor.County this more and more quiet flavor of the New Year, a long time, once formed a habit, our descendants are likely to know where firecrackers are monsters.By then, koreans had declared the Chinese New Year as a world Intangible Heritage, and we had no reason to refute it.Now we can only see and hear the taste of firecrackers in the vast countryside, but also to participate in the actual combat of setting off firecrackers.A few years later, perhaps the countryside will become no longer hear or see firecrackers as the flavor of the New Year.Is the New Year in your place becoming more and more quiet, just like in our hometown?