Pingshan County: “Spring Breeze Action” to help labor transfer employment

2022-05-18 0 By

On February 8, the Employment and entrepreneurship Promotion Center of Pingshan County in Yibin held a special recruitment activity to promote the full employment of labor force in Pingshan County in Daxing town, taking the “Spring Wind Action” as an opportunity to promote the full employment of labor force.A total of 9 enterprises entered the fair, providing more than 2100 jobs, more than 300 people to apply for employment, registration of employment intentions of 45 people.At the same time, the site also issued all kinds of recruitment publicity materials and employment and entrepreneurship policy publicity materials more than 1,100.Next, Pingshan county will also organize recruitment activities in Shulou Town, Pingshan Town, Jinping town and other towns, and simultaneously launch online recruitment, to build a more smooth recruitment platform for job seekers and enterprises.(By Li Jiang, Pingshan County Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Center)