Liaoning starts to return to Shenyang!Arrive at 10 PM will be dissolved in situ, incidentally recorded Spring Festival Gala!

2022-05-18 0 By

In the last game of the second stage, the pressure on Liaoning was not very great.After all, Xi is that good, and it was an afternoon game.So in this case, Liaoning decided that after the match in the afternoon, they would go straight back to Shenyang.More importantly, the buses from Liaoning had already arrived at the competition area before the competition began.Even according to the news revealed by we-media people, the whole liaoning team will return to Shenyang at 10 PM.At the same time, liaoning sports pony in the broadcast before the game also said, today not in Changchun overnight, directly back to Shenyang.It’s not unusual to get here until 10:00.Because it’s only five o ‘clock after the game, and then there’s the interview.After the interview, the players had to take a bath and eat, and after that, I believe it was about six or seven.With the distance to Shenyang, arriving at 10 o ‘clock is normal.In addition, when Liaoning must make up for the Spring Festival Gala, which is also a hot Spring Festival gala in Liaoning every year.Now the players’ bags must be packed.If I had to pack, I wouldn’t have made it to 10:00.After arriving in Shenyang anyway, the team will disband in situ.Players from other parts of the country might spend the night out, or the whole team might gather in one place and have a good time.After all, phase two is over, and it’s your time.I’m sure there will be fan encounters, let’s see if any video comes out.Anyway, for Aaron Guo, the video of him eating out has been exposed.Anyway, going home for Chinese New Year is unthinkable for CBA players.Thanks to the Winter Olympics, they have a chance.I hope all the players go home and get together. It’s very rare.Of course, it will be almost a week before the return of training, after all, the third stage is about to start, each team is still very heavy task.