Before the first sound of spring thunder in Hangzhou, the north of the city startled 2 meters of snake!Fireman: Are they always this long

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Qianjiang Evening News · hour news reporter Xie Chunhui correspondent Miao Qikui spring thunder a ring, snakes and insects startled.Today (March 14) afternoon, hangzhou rang out the first sound of spring thunder.Just before the spring thunder sounded at 11:56, Hangzhou Yuhang fire control branch command center received a report, in liangzhu street Liangzhu cultural village Bailu county side of a tree there is a big snake.Firefighters from Liangzhu Fire rescue Station rushed to the scene immediately.At the edge of the residential building, on a tree more than 2 meters high, a big snake is lying prone.”The trees are so leafy that snakes are hidden in the trees. It’s hard to find them.”Firefighters involved in the disposal said.We use bamboo poles to drive snakes from trees to the ground, and quickly catch snakes with snake traps, into a bag prepared in advance, take to the wild release.”The snake was quite big, about two metres long.””Said the fireman.More than 10 days ago, firefighters in the northern city of Hangzhou also caught a snake that was nearly 3 meters long.A real-life human and snake fight?A 3-meter-long snake confronts firefighters in a residential area in Hangzhou.In hangzhou, the fire department reminds you that don’t panic when you encounter snakes, just avoid them. You can’t handle them blindly to prevent bites. You can call 119 or ask professionals for help.Source: Hourly news