A Winter Olympics has Left South Korea in the lurch.The reason behind it is too twisted!

2022-05-18 0 By

On a winter Olympics were held in pyeongchang, South Korea is the year with the help of the advantage of the host, also exposed their selfish narrow breadth of mind, all sorts of way and tried to strike a deal with the foreign athletes, especially short track speed skating of these projects, for fear that the Chinese team can more than them, can say all kinds of action is very ugly, but also seriously violates the sportsmanship,It has also been condemned by international athletes and the media;In the Beijing Olympics, China from all aspects such as the opening reception venues is more than the winter Olympics pyeongchang, athletes and countries with media also full of praise for the winter, may the athletes with the mindset of the media is more imbalances, buoyed by what it feels like, has been the eggs inside pick bones and everywhere to pick things;It seems that the whole Winter Olympics is against them. One moment, they say that the Korean costume worn in the opening ceremony is actually their costume, the next moment, they say that the athletes’ food is very bad, the next moment, they say that the short-track competition is unfair, they are suing people everywhere, and they even threaten to withdraw from the Winter Olympics.Sweep has made dramatically on the podium, etc for the winter Olympics, south Korean media picked on when I was in the beginning, just start speaking at the opening ceremony of the Korean nationality clothing is problematic, are a little brain is know, this is nonsense, but they want to start this matter;Why is that?On the second day, the American ambassador to South Korea came out wearing hanbok and said how much he liked hanbok and how unique it was.The cooperation was really just right, so a bunch of Brainless “angry youth” in South Korea were attracted out, and created wave after wave of protest in South Korea out of nothing. The “mob” is what we say.And they keep feeding lies and keeping people away from the truth, and that’s what the plotters want.”Hanbok”, for one thing, we can see that these conspirators evil intentions, we all know, the original koguryo was established for fuyu royal, which contains basic is all Korean, while South Korea is the koryo dynasty inherited, koryo dynasty was said to be the original woosong the ran out of a buddhist monk and build out of the land,It has nothing to do with Goguryeo in history;And they set off “by” boom, is actually want to confuse “Korean clothing” with “by” two concepts, and thus further confusion between “koguryo” and “Korea” worlds apart, let’s know, further south koreans had also said that they actually is one of Asia’s largest country, is the main basis for how the former territory;In the past, even Confucius became Koreans, which implied the evil concept of territory.A few days ago, when I watched TV, I saw the South Korean athlete who won the silver medal mess up while receiving the award.Obvious is that this person is either didn’t mind, either was used, including use of possibility is very great, because America is actually encourage such heart of envy in a while, there are features of is “envy don’t envy nearly far, envy don’t envy hydrophobic”, that is to say: you will be jealous of the people around, and do not envy people in faraway places,And you will be jealous of people you know, not jealous;It can be said that Korea is like this now, no matter which country in Europe or America, they do not envy, but when they see the country around them getting better, they will definitely envy, because there is nothing to be done about it, it is a very dark psychology.In sport in this country is dirty, is not only a world-famous lack of sports spirit, which is more sad is that they’re in treat their country’s athletes is very harsh, even nearly to apathy, let’s take once skating queen Kim yu-na say: if I can’t get champion, my country will betray me!!!!!!!It can be imagined that the Korean people for the utility of athletes to a very cold-blooded attitude;At the same time, this has created a kind of abnormal desire of Korean athletes for the champion, because they know that if they get the champion, they will become national heroes, but if they do not get the champion, then the anger of more than 50 million South Korean people will completely drown them.History is indeed a magic mirror, it can illuminate the reality, but also illuminate the future, at the same time it can also shine on the brilliance of human nature, but also can shine on a kind of evil society, in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, South Korea took advantage of the host, exhausted dirty means to suppress the athletes of other countries;Although in that Olympic Games, they achieved very good results, but in fact, the Korean team is a serious violation of the sportsmanship of a practice, but also by the athletes of various countries and the media condemned;In short, for the dark psychology, and narrow character, coupled with evil outside forces began to stir up trouble, can be said to be the Winter Olympics to the Korean mood is twisted by the secret.