Zhaotong Dashan Bao first photographed grassland carving!For the world’s endangered species and national protection of animals

2022-05-17 0 By

“This is an unexpected but extremely important new discovery that will provide a realistic basis for the conservation and research of this species!”On March 16, said the first day in Zhaotong Dashanbao National Nature Reserve first discovered and photographed the grassland eagle, the world’s endangered species and national class A protected wild animal, Yunnan Dashanbao Black-necked crane National Nature Reserve management and conservation bureau staff happily said.Staff of the conservation bureau were carrying out daily patrol and monitoring work in Dashanbao Nature Reserve when they came across a group of red mountain crows attacking a large raptor near Daya Dong on Saturday.”Never seen such a bird of prey!”Later, the staff took photos and recorded the image of the raptor with the camera they carried. After referring to the handbook of Wild Birds in China for comparison, and verifying with ornithologists, the raptor was finally determined to be the world’s endangered species (EN) and China’s first-class key protected animal — grassland eagle (scientific name:Aquila Nipalensis), the first appearance of the species in dashanbao Nature Reserve.Chuncheng Evening News – Open screen news reporter Shen Shixun correspondent Li Shijun Tan Xiang Gao Yuanqiao Zhao Yu photographic reporting director Wang Lixuan proofreading cat En Bo editor Li Rong