When World War III broke out, where was the safest place?The West makes a list: five countries

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In the process of modernization, countries in the world have encountered some difficulties, and these difficulties eventually led to the outbreak of world War I and World War II.The two world wars brought great disasters to all countries in the world, and the world pattern established after the Second World War is still exerting great influence today.After the end of world War II, people’s desire for peace was very strong, and countries also made efforts to avoid large-scale world war. The United Nations, the most important international organization in the world today, was born under this background.After the end of the war, the United States and the Soviet Union became the world’s two superpowers, and the cold War era focused on bilateral confrontation began.Although the two countries fought on many fronts and came to the brink of nuclear war, they avoided a world war.The disintegration of the Soviet Union heralded the end of the Cold War and ushered in a multi-polar era of peace and development.Although economic globalization and peaceful development have become a global consensus, wars and conflicts in some regions have not stopped.Many countries in the Middle East are still plagued by war.The COVID-19 pandemic and the energy crisis have left the world in a closed state.In the context of economic downturn and the resurgence of protectionism, conflicts among countries become more frequent and intense.The still tense border conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a microcosm of current international relations.America’s rivalry with Russia is also intensifying.American politicians are even saying that the United States should launch a nuclear strike against Russia if necessary, and the international community is increasingly worried about the outbreak of war.As conflicts continue to accumulate, some even speculate that a third World war may break out, and for ordinary people, finding the safest place to take refuge has become a top priority.The British press came up with a list in case they needed it.Logically, Russia, with its military strength, or us, with its economic strength, would be a good choice.This is not the case.According to British media, Switzerland, Finland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Chile will be the five safest countries in the event of war.Among them, Switzerland and Finland are permanently neutral and protected from war if war breaks out.Liechtenstein is a dual landlocked country, so small that it doesn’t even have a permanent army. Customs duties are left to Switzerland, and since Switzerland is permanently neutral, Liechtenstein is relatively safe.Iceland and Chile, with their vast oceans as a barrier and limited international influence, are also safe choices.Britain also explained why militarily strong countries were not included.If a world war breaks out, countries with strong military strength have to be involved in the war for their own interests.In addition, Russia and the region we live in are surrounded by so many neighbors and frictions that it is not possible to stay out of the war.The five countries listed by the British media are in a neutral position in international relations. Most of them are located in the Northern Europe region with poor natural environment. Apart from rich fishery resources, they do not have the energy resources needed for war.There is no conflict without conflict, and a country without conflict is less likely to be affected by war.Having said that, Belgium and Luxembourg were neutral states at the outbreak of World War I, but they were still caught up in the German wars, which eventually led to their abolition.Therefore, the status of neutrality is not a once-and-for-all “free from death”, countries should do their best to maintain world peace.