The most painful war for Chinese people!It’s their last chance to lose the gold medal by mistake!

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China’s xu Mengtao, Qi Guangpu and Jia Zongyang took the silver medal in the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team final at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 10.For these three veterans of the four Olympic dynasties, the Beijing Winter Olympics is their last chance to win the title, but fate has given them a big joke.The silver medal has made history, but the gold medal is what they have always wanted.After the match, many netizens were filled with emotion, both feeling sorry for the Chinese team and cheering for the persistence of the three veteran players.Freestyle skiing aerials team event is one of the new events of the Beijing Winter Olympics, representing the overall level of each team.According to the rules of the competition, each team consists of three players and the competition is divided into two rounds, with the top four teams in the first round advancing to the second round of the grand Finals.China sent xu Mengtao, silver medalist at sochi 2014, Jia Zongyang, silver medalist at Pyeongchang 2018, and Qi Guangpu, world champion at the Freestyle Skiing World Cup, to win the first team aerials gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.The luxurious lineup of three famous generals, let other opponents gaped.The three players in the Chinese team are all veterans of the four Olympic dynasties, with rich experience in competition and outstanding personal ability.Before the game, he was considered the favorite to win.Xu Mengtao, Qi Guangpu and Jia Zongyang won all the gold MEDALS in the freestyle skiing aerials World Cup before the Beijing Winter Olympics.This final, China’s main opponents are the United States and Canada, although The Chinese team won the championship before, but in the rapidly changing Olympic arena, “stability” is the first premise.It is worth mentioning that The President of the International Olympic Committee Mr. Bach also arrived to watch the competition.In the women’s freestyle platform final, he witnessed Gu Ailing reverse to win.One netizen said, “Bach is a good skier, coming to see the competition again.”In the first round of the final, Xu Mengtao, Qi Guangpu and Jia Zongyang performed well, ranking first with a total score of 336.89 and entering the second round of the final.The United States and Canada finished second and third respectively.In the second stage of the competition, Xu performed well and completed the most difficult movement among women, scoring 106.03 points.After the score came out, Xu was surprised and screamed, celebrating the exciting moment with the entire audience.But to no one’s surprise, veteran Jia Zongyang made a mistake and, despite a beautiful aerial stance, stumbled on his landing and finished with 96.02 points, dropping China to second overall.Qi Guangpu, who came last, successfully completed the 4.5 difficulty routine and China finished with a silver medal.(Luo Manager)