Quick look!It’s about the spring semester of 2022 in our city

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General branch of the Education Party of all towns and townships (streets) and municipal schools:In view of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control and the requirements of the city’s regular epidemic prevention and control work, the reopening of all primary and secondary schools (vocational colleges, kindergartens) in the city must be studied and evaluated by the special classes of the municipal epidemic prevention and control education system, and then reported to the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters for approval.In order to further standardize the city’s spring school work, we hereby further serious school discipline and prepare for school work as follows:First, the education Party’s general branches and municipal schools should strictly implement the responsibility mechanism for epidemic prevention and control, strictly consolidate the “four-party responsibility”, strictly implement the requirements of “four-morning”, and make preparations for the opening of the school in accordance with the requirements of the regular epidemic prevention and control work.To the district, school preparation for the opening of a comprehensive supervision and inspection, to ensure that the opening of the preparatory work to implement details, fool-safe.2. Before the formal notice of opening is issued, no school (kindergarten) or training institution is allowed to open the school without authorization and conduct offline education, teaching and training activities. Violators will be strictly held responsible.Iii. Any school (kindergarten) or training institution is forbidden to charge in advance in any form before the formal opening of the school. Private schools are not allowed to organize parents to charge for registration in the form of seat booking fee and name prediction.Normal fees after the school must be in accordance with the first publicity, after the charge principle.All schools must strictly implement the requirements on the management of school roll, and shall not transfer or go through the procedures for the transfer of school roll without authorization.Schools at all levels and of all kinds must strictly implement the system of morning, afternoon and evening check-up and the system of “daily report” and “zero report”, establish and improve students’ physical health examination files, register temperature information since February 4 in detail, and report abnormal cases in time according to the procedures.All schools should carefully check and register the movement tracks of teachers and students during the winter vacation, and timely report special cases to the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of education and Sports Bureau for the record.Those who report late, fail to report or conceal information will be dealt with severely in accordance with the requirements of responsibility investigation.Five, all levels and all kinds of schools should be based on the actual situation, pay close attention to the implementation of the last semester fees settlement, before the start of the school must be refunded or carried over, and take the initiative to accept the supervision of the parent committee and the society.Those who are affected by this will be interviewed, criticized, reduced enrollment plan, suspended funding per student, ordered to stop enrollment, stopped revocation of school license, etc.Vi. The general branch of the Education Party of each township (sub-district) and municipal schools shall timely report to the Headquarters of epidemic Prevention and Control of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau the implementation of the above work and the problems encountered in the preparation for the opening of the school.Yuzhou Education and Sports Bureau February 10, 2022 Source: Yuzhou Education