Changan UNI Fuhu Shengwei’s first gift of 2022 can be arranged

2022-05-17 0 By

1. Test drive courtesy: when you come to the store for a test drive, you will receive a beautiful gift. 2.100 percent winning, first come, first served, draw out that check 3 worry financial gift: enjoy 0 down payment, 0 interest car exclusive channel, package card on the door to drive home, save trouble and worry 4 old customer price Shaoli: old customers to introduce friends and relatives to buy a car, clinch a deal can enjoy free basic maintenance 5 exclusive replacement gift:To high ten thousand yuan replacement subsidy, professional used car appraiser, give you reliable replacement service 6 network electricity sales consultant 1 to 1VIP consulting services, let you rest assured to buy;Exclusive after-sales team for your escort, let you feel at ease with.We are ready, you, are you ready to come? The event runs from February 4, 2022 to February 4, 2022