Wonderful Spring Festival in The Year of the Tiger

2022-05-16 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday of 2022, the weather was sunny, and the tourism market of Queshan County continued to improve. Self-driving Tours and leisure Tours were favored by tourists, and the tourists were crowded with tourists, permeating with a festive and peaceful atmosphere.The county Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism actively carried out epidemic prevention and control, work safety and holiday work arrangements, enriched the supply of cultural and tourism products during the Spring Festival, strengthened holiday duty and market monitoring, and the tourism market during the Whole Spring Festival was rich in activities, distinctive features and smooth operation.Tourism index gradually picked up economic benefits significantly enhance the 2022 Spring Festival holiday in our county tourism market benefits are obvious.From January 31 to February 5, Keshan county received 476,000 tourists and realized a comprehensive tourism income of 155 million yuan.Zhugou Revolutionary Memorial Hall, a red spot, is the most prominent, while other rural tourist attractions are also popular.All tourism indicators have recovered substantially, and the tourism economy has maintained high-quality development.Text brigade work organized various measures to guarantee strong tour queshan article wide bureau attaches great importance to Spring Festival holiday tourism work, first project meeting the epidemic prevention and control of queshan text brigade market closely deployment, production safety, for the county focus on the cultural market, tourism scenic spots and places of entertainment production safety work to strengthen supervision, to ensure smooth operation and orderly cultural tourism market.During the Spring Festival holiday, tourism safety, tourism market governance, tourism traffic and tourism product supply and other links are normal operation, no major tourism safety accidents and major tourism complaints.All cultural and tourism venues have strictly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and urged people to wear masks, check their health codes and take their temperatures. They have also stepped up efforts to promote epidemic prevention and control and civilized tourism through official websites, slogans, wechat accounts and entry channels.In the Spring Festival holiday, mountain climbing fitness, green travel, and taking photos with rivers and mountains are becoming a new way of tourism, new fashion.Old Leshan Scenic spot focuses on traditional culture, and integrates new forms of play, such as New Year art lantern exhibition, Qianshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Iron flower, lake rafting, folk performance, food market, squirrel forest park, and sightseeing train, to enrich tourists’ sense of experience and enhance the attraction of scenic spots.From the first day of the first lunar month to the 15th day of the first lunar month, “Iron Flower”, a national intangible cultural heritage representative project of Queshan County, will be performed at 7:00 every night in the old Leshan scenic area of Queshan County.In order to celebrate the Spring Festival, meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the masses, and promote the prosperity and development of calligraphy and painting art in Keshan County, the 2022 Spring Welcome Fine Arts and Calligraphy Exhibition of Keshan County is held.The county library actively uses the wechat public account platform to provide public cultural services, and carries out Spring Festival themed activities online, such as “Online competition for the Winter Olympics”, “Accompanying reading of good books to welcome the Spring of Fu Hu”, “Chinese New Year in Classic Books” online exhibition of traditional culture, and “Free reading of classics and Celebrating the New Year”, which greatly enrich the people’s festival cultural life.(Comprehensive source: Red Queshan)