Why do rice farmers compete for green rice in “Golden Rice Belt”?

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Changchun, Feb. 5 (Xinhua News AgencyQ: Why do rice farmers in the “golden rice belt” compete for green rice?Aerial photos of quality rice-producing areas in Jilin Province (provided by interviewr) Families in rural Areas of Jilin province, located in the world’s “golden rice belt”, are celebrating the Spring Festival with lanterns and decorations, while some farmers have already started preparing for spring ploughing.Some co-operatives say they are scrambling to grow green rice in the New Year because they can sell it at a high price.Green rice, not green rice, refers to high-quality rice produced using green farming methods.Green rice comes from high-quality seeds, good growing environment, but also reduce medicine control fertilizer.Although field management is more complex, this method reduces soil compaction and pesticide residues, resulting in good quality and healthy rice that consumers love.Located in the hinterland of songliao Plain, Yitong Manchu Autonomous County in Jilin Province is a major grain producing county in China. Yitong River, an important tributary of Songhua River, flows through the county.Yitong rice is a small local celebrity.Danong Changfeng Agricultural Machinery Cooperative transferred 2,400 mu of land to grow rice and entrusted another 1,800 mu for farmers. Last year, all the high-quality green rice it produced was sold as far away as Guangdong.Li Yingbin introduced high-quality rice seeds to reporters.(Xinhua/Zhang Jian) Li Yingbin, head of the cooperative, said good taste and aroma are the main reasons for the good sales of rice.”Now people are not satisfied with eating enough, but more concerned with eating well, and green rice meets that need.”Green rice is inseparable from the optimization and adjustment of rice planting technology and farming methods.Li said the use of fertilizers and pesticides has been reduced by 30 to 50 percent, trace elements such as zinc, calcium and magnesium have been added, and farmers are using ecological farming techniques for rice and crabs.”The quality of grain has improved, and one mu of land can earn thousands of yuan more than in the past. The comprehensive benefits are very considerable.”Liu Shuxiang, a villager in Guangdong Village, Helong City, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, found that in recent years, many people in her village have switched to planting green organic rice to increase the added value.As long as there are tourists in the village, they will buy several packages of green rice, and the market is gradually opened.In recent years, the protection of black land in Jilin province has been further strengthened.Increasing the application of organic fertilizer, straw mulching and returning to the field are widely used in rural areas, making efforts to reduce weight and control drugs more vigorous.In supporting the development of green rice, Jilin subsidized enterprises that passed relevant certification to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises to develop green food.In 2021, more than 5 million mu of green, organic and geographically indicated rice will be planted in Jilin Province.In recent years, the cooperation between Jilin and Zhejiang and the promotion of the “Jilin Rice” brand have created opportunities for Jilin rice to reach the whole country.Now, “Jilin rice” into the country’s major supermarkets, consumer recognition, directly drive jilin rice farmers to increase income of more than 1 billion yuan.Ytong rice brand (xinhua zhang) taken concerned expert thinks, Chinese on the prison China bowl, on the basis of “golden rice” regions such as the production of green rice will provide people with more good choice space, to better protect the valuable resource such as soil, will also help farmers increase income and rural revitalization.