Dream linkage!Gu Ailing and Yi Yangqianxi shot a promotional film and Liu Haoran is an old acquaintance

2022-05-16 0 By

In the past two days, every social media platform has been flooded by Olympic champion Gu Ailing. Her amazing performance has attracted the attention of the whole world.Many netizens found out about Gu’s past working with celebrity artists.Gu Ailing yi Yangqianxi Beijing Winter Olympics torch themed short film “Ice and Snow date” in the previous broadcast, although not low, but definitely not as high as these two days.After all, Gu Played so well that she won the championship, and now she has become a national idol. Her collaboration with Jackson Yi also attracted much attention.Gu Ailing and Liu Haoran have known each other since 19 years ago and took a photo together. This photo and weibo were found by the detective netizens.The two met in 2019 at a business event in Alaska.That year, Gu was 16 years old and Liu was 22 years old, and the photo of the two of them had a youthful feeling.Gu Ailing and Zhang Ruoyun once worked together on a commercial, but there is no age difference between them.There is no doubt that Gu Can also handle mature style perfectly.Tip: Support ← → arrow page turning