Your own romance, in the World of Warships “Valentine’s Day fire” themed event

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day in the West.Valentine’s Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day, the specific date is February 14 each year in the Gregorian calendar, as one of the traditional festivals in western countries, it originated from Christianity.Nowadays, it has become a famous romantic festival all over the world, but people in different countries show their love in different ways.Men and women on this day to send chocolate, cards and flowers, to express love or friendship, has become Europe and the United States youth love festival.Perhaps there are as many interpretations of the origin of Valentine’s Day as there are lovers in the world.As The Chinese celebrate Christmas with almost fanatical enthusiasm, Valentine’s Day has crept into the minds of millions of young people, becoming an important addition to the traditional Chinese festivals.Singing love songs is a way for lovers to express their love. Some men sing love songs to propose marriage to their loved ones, especially on meaningful days such as Valentine’s Day.World of Battleships is also hosting an online event called “Valentine’s Day Fire” in return for the love it has shown its players.If you look at every holiday celebration, there’s no shortage of World of Warships online.On the occasion of the western traditional valentine’s day, warships to the world are planning named “the fire of valentine’s day” activities, the theme of the activity began on valentine’s day, February 15 03:00, a week-long event, ended in February 22 03:00, during this period, the player login account of individual game, complete online operations, can obtain the coating valentine’s day,Romantic and warm.Starting with and ending with romance, in the latest version of WoWS, 0.11.0, the eighth online duel battle will be fully available for the last two weeks of the new version, ending on February 24th.In this timed battle mode, the composition of ships and ship classes will be different for both teams.During version 0.11.0, players logging into the game for the first time received enough tokens to ride iX-X ships into a battle.Also earn battle tokens by engaging in naval battles with tier VII – VIII warships.Combat tokens are temporary resources that players need to use to join battles with tier IX and X ships.Open at a specific prime time each day, combat tokens can only be displayed or used after the game has opened.In addition, players will earn community tokens during the event by completing special daily and weekly combat missions.In addition, in the latest version, squad stars can be earned by playing with each other.Players earn stars in all combat modes except combat training.When playing in a team with your company mates, you can earn a squad star.A certain number of stars will unlock multiple rewards.Play with your legion mates and earn a star for each of the following missions: a victory, an “all-out attack” achievement, or a “Brotherhood” achievement.