Winter Olympics super warm scene!Look at the pictures recorded by the camera and give a thumbs-up to the Chinese and Korean girls

2022-05-15 0 By

End of A game yesterday, Beijing Olympic women’s 3000 meters relay group A final, will advance together hand in hand China, Netherlands, Canada, South Korea, the competition is very fierce, the last two laps, the Chinese team once fell into the fourth, but with fei new excellent performance, the Chinese team to take back the third,The Netherlands won gold, setting a new Winter Olympics record, while South Korea took silver and China bronze.After the match, the Chinese team’s performance won everyone’s applause. Wang Meng commented on the match.Today, the Chinese team’s performance is really quite good, especially the fan can be new, is worth for all of us her applause, fan can kiss new ice after the game, a smile away, the Olympics she won 1 gold, 1 silver and her efforts for her, after the Olympics, big probability to retire, this also is to let fans very.After the ceremony is on a super sweet, camera to record down all the way, the awards ceremony China awarded the bronze medal, the first to send the girls open the heart on the podium, Korean players get the silver medal, the Dutch player to get the gold medal, then three teams of players together, girl of China and South Korea girl sitting on the podium, arm in arm all players,Happy talking and laughing, make a variety of celebration action, happy in tune, the scene is very warm.The Olympics, the south Korean delegation to the controversy, first the men’s 1000 m semi-final match, Korean players Huang Daxian, Li Junrui successively for foul was sent off, for the final, it also led to discontent in south Korean delegation, then they appeal to the international HuaLian, was rejected, they will also appeal to the international sports arbitration court,In addition to the South Korean athletes joked about the Beijing Winter Olympics food is not good, South Korean player Car Min Kui in the award is to sweep the podium action, which is caused by the Dissatisfaction of Chinese netizens, car min kui too defeated character, there is no problem in the game, make such a move is not should.Therefore, such a scene on the podium of women’s 3000m relay makes people feel very warm, and netizens have praised the Chinese and South Korean girls.