Points to pay attention to when building a second kill system platform mall APP

2022-05-15 0 By

Now the development of e-commerce is overwhelming, in recent years the continuous improvement of private flow, more and more enterprises began to develop mall system, APP, small programs, etc..But a lot of people although it can be said to the 123 s, but more enterprises still have no experience, don’t know how to plan, here small make up soon for you to introduce custom note box of mall system, to have the idea of enterprise have a reference point, at the time of going to develop mall system not blindly.Mall system development needs to have what attention?Next very soon xiaobian will introduce to you.First, it is to determine the needs of the enterprise according to the needs of their own enterprises, how to achieve the strategic planning of the company, as long as the goal is clear, in order to achieve the needs of the mall system according to the target analysis, according to their combing out to determine the needs of the mall system.After determining the needs of the enterprise, it is to look for the developers of the mall system.The time for many enterprises to choose suppliers is just like going to the wet market to buy things. They choose whichever one has the lowest price. The development is divided into many levels, from application to customization, and the price difference is not half a point.If you just give you a simple description of the price, this is not very reliable.What we need to do is to find the right developer from the developer’s background, experience, professional and technical ability, reputation, price and so on.The system should put user experience first. The experience of thousands of users is a purely subjective feeling. In the process of use and experience, the experience will directly affect users’ feelings about the brand.If the experience of a system is not good, it is difficult to retain customers even when it is developed.From the user interface, communication experience, interactivity and so on these directly affect the user experience.Only people-oriented design can win the love of users.