“New Year to the grassroots” Xinzhou Ancient City, Xiurong Museum in a different flavor of the “Awe can stop”

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Yellow River news xinzhou On February 3, the third day of the first month of Renyin.There are not as many people as I imagined, presumably because of the traditional customs.There are many taboos in traditional culture.Taboos are not superstition, but to a greater extent, people’s reverence for nature and life!When the human wisdom is infinitely stimulated, the existence of awe is actually the potential force that can make human life in self-love, self-respect and sustainable.This power in our traditional culture has always been retained quickly and passed on, especially during festivals.When I was young, I always remember the Spring Festival this period of time, the adults in my family would say something about what one day can’t do, what one day can’t do, as for why can’t never say.It is estimated that adults have been listening to it since childhood and may not really understand the truth, but this kind of awe has been so inheritance.For example, it is forbidden to move knives and scissors on the third day of the first lunar month.I did not understand why, but now it is easy to look up the corresponding explanation.It is more appropriate to say that if the third day of the knife cut, easy to be gossiped, or behind someone said that they are not good, and because of gossip, but also may affect a year of official career and financial fortune.There is another taboo on the third day of the first lunar month.Legend has it that this day is the day when mice marry their wives, so not only can’t play mice, but also sprinkle some food in the corner, in order to let the mice eat, because the mice get married on this day, to eat well, the later days will not spoil the food at home.Of course, most people don’t really pursue these taboos, just for peace of mind.But “peace of mind” is exactly awe.In fact, many folk “taboos” inherited for thousands of years are a kind of “secular” culture, as well as a psychological force in people’s life.Traditional custom, the third day of the first lunar month is to worship ancestors.As a result, there were relatively few people today until nearly noon.In the afternoon, there were more tourists.In the “jiuyuan Wenmai” exhibition hall, I heard a dialogue between a father and his daughter, and felt deeply.The girl should be a junior in primary school.When looking at the books in the showcase, he said to his father, “Dad, look, this is the Book of Mountains and Seas, I have read it.”And her father said, “Have you seen this?”The daughter said, “Yes, it’s in the fairy tale.”Hearing her words, the father looked down at the exhibits and made sure she was right.Later, she read over the instructions placed in front of each exhibit.When I encounter a word I don’t know, I ask my father.With them are two old people, I don’t know whether they are the child’s grandparents or grandparents.The two old people were delighted to see the child reading the description of the exhibits. They praised the child for knowing a lot of words after only one year of learning. The child turned out to be a grade one primary school student.It’s hard to say how much impact this museum visit will have on the child, perhaps it will have faded away by the time she grows up.But at least it will leave an indelible imprint on her subconscious.Just like so many people who come to the museum, some people are very interested in the exhibits and look at them carefully.Some people disagree and leave quickly.But I believe that anyone who looks carefully at the exhibits here will be impressed.Only when one enriches his heart, especially when culture takes root, can he have more awe and love for nature and life.Xiu Rong Academy Museum is willing to use history and culture as a bridge to make everyone feel something inside.(Photo/Liang Shengzhi) [Editing by Liu Chunxiao]