During the Spring Festival holiday, emergency doctors remind: prepare 10 kinds of family emergency medicine, the critical moment can save lives!

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Spring Festival holiday is coming, in case of an emergency, what medicine should be prepared at home?The opening hours of most pharmacies will be shortened during the Spring Festival holiday, and many friends have a pile of medicines at home, but do not know which to use when they need them…Today, we have compiled a list of recommended household emergency medicines to help you improve your ability to help yourself.Dr. Zhang Xiaohong, director of the department of emergency medicine at Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, stressed that the first thing we should tell you is that this list is not a panacea. It is mainly to help us deal with some common diseases in life and solve the “urgent need”.If the illness is more serious, or physical abnormalities, be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible.For example, the elderly at home suffering from coronary heart disease and other diseases, the home should always have suxiaojiuxin pills, when there is chest distress, chest pain and other discomfort, need to immediately call 120 emergency number, and under the guidance of the doctor, when necessary, suxiaojiuxin pills under the tongue.In addition, prescription drugs can not be purchased and used at will, but should be used under the guidance of doctors.Patients with chronic diseases who need to take medicine for a long time need to prepare well in advance before the holiday. Do not stop taking medicine without authorization to avoid accidents.Here’s a list of safe, over-the-counter home remedies (read the directions carefully before taking them) that are available over the counter.(OTC label can be recognized for over-the-counter drugs) Reminder: Take medicine without drinking, and drink without taking medicine.”Drug driving” competition “drunk driving”, ignore the harm.Pregnant women, breast-feeding women, children, people with chronic diseases, etc., should be careful with medication.01, cold medicine Zhang Xiaohong doctor said, first of all, the common cold is self-limited, that is, do not need special treatment, drink more water, rest, improve their immunity to cope.If you feel unwell, you need medication to relieve it.Currently, over-the-counter cold medicines on the market are mainly for relieving symptoms. Most of the ingredients are very similar. Just pick one and keep it in reserve.Don’t take different brands of cold medicine with the same ingredients.● “chlorpheniramine” or “diphenhydramine” in cold remedies can relieve sneezing and runny nose.● “pseudoephedrine” in cold medicine can help relieve symptoms such as stuffy nose, runny nose and sneezing.Acetaminophen is used in cold medicine for fever, sore throat and body aches.Dextromethorphan in cold medicine can be used to relieve cough.In addition, when choosing cold medicines, be sure to read the drug instructions carefully and pay attention to the ingredients contained in the drugs. Do not choose cold medicines containing amantadine.Some cold medicines contain as many as five ingredients, some of which may not be suitable for people with chronic conditions such as allergies or high blood pressure.Children under 6 years old, use cold medicine with caution, should follow the doctor’s advice.Pregnant women should read labels carefully and consult a physician if necessary to make sure they are not taking unnecessary medications.Pseudoephedrine should not be used for newborns whose lactation period is not fully established or mothers who have difficulty producing adequate milk.In addition, for colds more is to do a good job of prevention, keep hand hygiene, cold and warm.Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are commonly recommended for reducing fever and pain.Ibuprofen can irritate the gastrointestinal tract, so it should not be used in patients with a history of peptic ulcer, gastrointestinal bleeding or perforation.(For other contraindications, please read the instruction carefully.) 03 expectorant If phlegm is present, use expectorant, such as ambroxol hydrochloride and acetylcysteine.Dry cough does not have phlegm, can use “hydrobromic acid right methorphen”, it is more moderate central cough medicine.A cough suppressant that suppresses the cough reflex center. Most of these drugs are prescription drugs, such as syrups containing “cocaine,” which can be addictive if abused.04, diarrhea medication diarrhea, the most afraid of dehydration, so diarrhea when it is necessary to replenish electrolytes and water, such as “oral rehydration salts ⅲ”.For mild diarrhea, adhesive antidiarrheal agents such as montmorillonite powder can be used.Dr. Zhang Xiaohong reminds: diarrhea more times, accompanied by fever, pus and blood stool, can not only take oral rehydration salts, need to see a doctor as soon as possible, do not buy their own strong antidiarrheal drugs.Because, the principle of strong antidiarrheal drugs is to suppress the intestinal response, let the intestinal peristalsis slow, that is, after taking a strong antidiarrheal drugs, the virus or bacteria can not get out, which is not good.05, constipation drugs for external use “open serro”, with “lactulose”.Dr. Zhang Xiaohong introduced that the active ingredient of kaiselu is glycerin, which belongs to stimulative laxative.It is administered through anal insertion. The drug lubricates the intestine and stimulates the bowel reflex, triggering peristalsis and defecation.While short-term use is relatively safe, long-term use is likely to lead to drug dependence and a reluctance to defecate without strong stimulation.06, flatulence drugs to treat flatulence, you can use “simethicone oil”, also known as “dimethylsilicone oil”, children and adults can use.It plays a role in the intestinal tract, is the intestinal large bubbles into small bubbles, and out of the body, can also be called “defoaming agent”.However, it should be noted that dimethylsilicone oil is relatively safe, but not 100% harmless. It may reduce intestinal peristalsis, which is not conducive to digestion of food and defecation. The ingredients in dimethylsilicone oil may also be allergic.07. Antiallergic drugs are recommended as “cetirizine” or “loratadine”.Take it once a day for most allergies.Such as allergic rhinitis, acute or chronic urticaria, hay fever and other allergic skin diseases.People with allergies, keep a box at home, no problem.08, eye medicine can be prepared under the “erythromycin eye ointment” and “artificial tears” these two.”Erythromycin eye ointment” is mainly used when yellow eye secretions are suspected of bacterial infection.Artificial tears are mainly used to relieve eye fatigue and dryness caused by long-term viewing of mobile phones, computers and TELEVISIONS.For example, in the drugstore, “polyvinyl alcohol eye drops” and “carboxymethyl cellulose sodium eye drops” are artificial tears.09. Take thephenhydramine 30 minutes before departure, or take it every 4 hours if you are on a long journey.Also, avoid big meals before departure;While driving, playing with mobile phones, reading books and newspapers, these behaviors are easy to cause the occurrence of motion sickness.10, medical equipment thermometer, alcohol, iodophor, sterile gauze, bandages, disinfection cotton balls, band-aids, etc.Mercury thermometer recommended not to choose thermometer, bandage use should pay attention to the correct method, too tight too loose have hidden dangers.02 Family medicine “less but better” storage should be appropriate!Doctor Zhang Xiaohong said, first of all, the usual family standing medicine, mainly for “emergency”, so there is no need to stockpile a lot of goods, “less and better” can be.Secondly, it is recommended that you keep the drug packaging boxes and instructions completely.First, it is convenient to check whether the drug is expired. Second, it is correct to use the drug according to the instructions.In addition, the storage of drugs should be appropriate.It is best to keep in a cool, dry place away from light and out of reach of children.Some friends like to use empty cartons to store medicines, which is wrong.Carton is easy to absorb moisture in the air, resulting in improper storage environment of drugs.You can buy a good quality plastic container or a professional medicine cabinet for storage.Finally, Dr. Zhang xiaohong stressed again: pregnant women, lactation women, patients with chronic diseases, should be under the guidance of doctors, children must be used under the supervision of adults.Source: Chengdu Health Official Account