The salary gap between civil servants and teachers is huge

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In people’s impression, teacher is idle, earning money, high social status of the profession, is a very old profession in the history of human society.As teachers bear the burden of disseminating human cultural and scientific knowledge, they are known as “engineers of human soul”.It can be seen how high the status of teachers in society.An excellent teacher can use his influence to change every student and influence the development prospect of a country with education as the carrier.As more and more post-90s are now working as teachers, people have a deeper understanding of teachers.In the eyes of parents, teachers are more sought-after than civil servants. They have two long holidays and daily vacations every year, so they have a lot of free time.This view is actually not accurate, which also makes many in-service teachers distressed, can not help but ridicule the teacher this profession is far from the surface so beautiful.Teaching, too, is a siege, with those on the outside desperately trying to get in and those on the inside trying to get out.The first is the salary level, may be in people’s impression of a teacher is a high salary occupation, in fact, really understand the environment of teachers know that different teachers pay is very different.It is well known that China implements compulsory education, primary and secondary school stage students are the most, naturally this age group of teachers and practitioners is also the most.It is obvious that the salary of teachers is not high in the past, but with the continuous progress of the country’s economic level, the salary level of teachers is also improving.The state attaches great importance to the expenditure of education finance to realize the modernization of the country through education. Under the influence of the overall environment, the average salary of teachers in 2020 has significantly increased compared with 20 years ago.Teachers are actually workers, but the difference is that salaries are borne by education finance. Teachers’ salaries are generally composed of three aspects: basic salary, performance salary and related allowances.Basic wage includes post wage and salary scale wage, which belong to the unified category of the whole country. The higher the rank and the length of service are the evaluation criteria. The higher the rank and the longer the duration of education work, the higher the corresponding treatment will be.This is why the teacher in charge of work more tired, but also become xiangbobo, for the accumulation of achievements, the teacher in charge is a good way.Take elementary and secondary school teachers in a province in south China as an example. The basic ranks of teachers can be divided into three levels, two levels, one level, senior level and senior level. In the same region, the salary gap between the first level teachers and the third level teachers is more than one thousand yuan, but the basic salary is only a part of the salary of teachers.In first-tier cities, the basic salary of teachers may be only 3,000 yuan, but the sum of performance and various allowances can reach tens of thousands.Merit pay is set by each school, and subsidies come from local finances.Therefore, the biggest factor determining teachers’ salary is the strength of local finance, which also makes the salary level of teachers vary from city to city, between urban and rural areas and villages, the biggest gap is as much as ten times.In the Pearl River Delta, the most developed region in China, the annual salary of enrolled teachers easily exceeds 200,000 yuan, while the salary of teachers in the remote western regions is very meager.Of course, this is only a general reference, but also need to be specific.The research shows that the regions with the highest salaries for teachers in China are Beijing, Xizang, Tianjin, Shanghai and Zhejiang, all of which are eastern cities except Tibet. Although Tibet is a remote area, its investment in education has not been relaxed, and the difficult and remote areas have special allowances and monthly solidarity bonuses.The rest of the regions benefited from local fiscal spending in developed regions, while the five provinces with the lowest teacher salaries were Shaanxi, Henan, Hunan, Guangxi and Shanxi.While teachers in Jinan, Shandong province, can get about 100,000 a year, while in the neighboring towns of Binzhou, the monthly salary is less than 4,000, which shows that the income level of teachers in various regions is directly linked to the local average income.Whole teachers local per capita income is much higher, but the gap is not too big, so in addition to Tibet, how developed cities can indirectly should sent give teacher pay, besides a lot of people think that teachers pay good another reason is at leisure, need not work overtime, no volume daily holiday.Even if the salary level is not too high, they are highly respected. Moreover, teachers have a generous pension after retirement, which makes many Internet people envy.But is this stereotype really true?Everyone has a deep memory in the impression of the teacher, perhaps strict or gentle, but each teacher’s figure is great, let us in the memory of youth left a touch of the figure on the platform.Perhaps after we leave the classroom, ten years, twenty years have never returned to the lang Lang sound of the classroom, but the figure has long rooted in the heart lingering.Teachers also represent “stability”, and they are still one of the best choices for people compared with the rapidly changing and fiercely competitive Internet industry.Especially after the country put forward the “double reduction” policy, the education and training industry has a new goal, people realize how valuable a stable staffing, when more and more people into this industry, the problem of teachers has become the focus of the society again.Before I had an in-depth understanding of this industry, I thought that the treatment of teachers was really good. Only from data analysis can I know it.Teachers are really not as easy as they imagined, especially in rural areas where teachers make more efforts and have more room to raise their salaries.Education equity involves the allocation of resources, the gap between urban and rural areas need to be gradually realized step by step, and the realization of this foundation is the most important carrier of teachers in the front line.In 2020, the state has continuously introduced policies to improve the remuneration of teachers. The most important thing is to ensure that the salary level of teachers in compulsory education is equal to that of local civil servants, which shows that the state attaches great importance to education resources.A good teacher can affect the future of a person, “silkworm to the death of silk, wax torch ashes tears dry”, excellent teachers burned themselves, only to be able to cultivate the country needs the pillars of talent.