The Lincoln aviator took his journeys in stride

2022-05-14 0 By

In terms of the overall shape, although the Aviator is positioned at medium and large SUV, it is not as masculine as the American SUV in our impression. The designer has integrated more soft lines into its appearance, so that the aura and solemn coexist.In terms of side lines, the aviator has a very long side, with an old-school swagger;GLE followed the “yacht c-pillar” of previous generations.The aviator has a unique temperament giving people a sense of thick and steady, I personally think this model is very atmospheric.In addition to the door password unlock system, aviator also has the PAAK smart Bluetooth phone key, which can enter the car through the phone and can start the car remotely.In addition, the aviator can imitate the unique mechanical unlocking sound of old American cars when opening the door, which is full of ceremonial feeling.Having tried the Lincoln Aviator, it gave us a whole new understanding of aviators.This symmetrical and flat design makes the vision extend horizontally, showing the interior is very calm, giving people the feeling that I am luxurious, there is no need to deliberately create the atmosphere.Aviator through a large number of solid wood decoration and large area of leather to foil the luxury atmosphere of the entire vehicle, and through excellent workmanship to create a more luxurious interior effect.Just be limited to the entry version of the identity, in the use of materials and workmanship and flying home there is an obvious gap.Take different journeys in stride.Go wild and have fun.The event will run from March 14, 2022 to March 14, 2022