Science and technology ice and snow festival, the 9th robot “Sugar” to help the Beijing Winter Olympics new experience

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Halfway through the 2022 Ice and Snow Festival, it’s clear that this year’s event has a strong technological background.From preparation to on-site display, the concept of “technology Olympics” runs through.In fact, as early as 2000, in the process of bidding for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, the concept of “technology Olympics” was clearly put forward.The 2022 Winter Olympics is a continuation of the vision of a “high-tech Winter Olympics”.The Olympic Movement and the development of modern science and technology are inseparable.Entering the stadium of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, we can see the collision of science and technology and Olympic Games again and again, igniting the spark of wisdom in the Winter Olympic Games, demonstrating the power of scientific and technological innovation.The Olympic Games is not only one of the most important sports events in the world, but also a big stage reflecting a country’s scientific and technological innovation ability.In addition to digital media technology and intelligent communication technology, artificial intelligence technology, robots and other intelligent devices have also been widely used in the Winter Olympics, which has brought convenience to the games’ broadcast, venue management, personnel services and epidemic prevention and control to a large extent.There are several special security guards at the National Ski Jumping Center, the most iconic site of the Games.They can automatically avoid obstacles, patrol the stadium in an orderly manner, constantly supervise the stadium personnel to comply with epidemic prevention regulations, and monitor the situation of the stadium like “mobile electronic eyes” to ensure the normal order of the stadium.It is understood that these special “security personnel” are no. 9 Sugar delivery robot, a brand product of No. 9 Robot.At the same time we also saw the shangri-la hotel in shougang park busy figure 9 of sugar distribution robot, as “one of the official hotel” of the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing, shangri-la hotel hotel for the intelligent transformation, outbreak of the moment, not only can decrease as far as possible, contact between people, but also ensure the service 24 hours a day, and save the manpower cost.Here, no. 9 robot and Sugar delivery robot completely replace manual labor and become the main force of hotel services, further ensuring the epidemic prevention and safety of personnel during the Winter Olympics.Shougang garden at shangri-la hotel working 9 sugar distribution robot in addition, the 9th of sugar distribution robot to deal with the problem of goods distribution within the hotel has made great contributions, from intelligent guide, customer demand distribution, united elevator, intelligent obstacle avoidance, intelligent propaganda, 7 * 24 hours service, autonomous mobile, automatic charging,Each of these functions can improve the operational efficiency of the hotel in many ways.It is worth mentioning that no. 9 robot · Sugar delivery robot can also update the map intelligently and adapt to the scene changes independently.While the machine learns on its own, it can also update the system through non-sensory OTA to keep the robot constantly updated.In the same scenario, multi-machine collaboration is also supported, with intelligent scheduling to allocate the work of robots according to demand.Since the outbreak, the public’s scientific and technological literacy has improved rapidly, and the environment for technology dissemination is constantly improving.The concept of “high-tech Olympics” can promote the Winter Olympics as a place for scientific and technological exchanges, promote the popularization of Olympic culture, and enhance the social atmosphere for scientific and technological innovation.