Onmyoji: special occasions are no appearance of the warehouse management, silence for three years when to strengthen

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As the number of gods in Onmyoji increased, it meant that the problem of strength between different gods became more serious.Type god intensity difference determines the different type of god will eventually appear in front of everyone with different heat, such as Qianji, Asura, Emperor release day and other hot type god, because of the wide range of employment opportunities, strong adaptation, so will often appear in the sight of players.For example, the Lord of arakawa, mountain wind and deer man, this kind of god but because of scarce employment opportunities, the rate of appearance is very low, gradually faded out of the sight of players.It is gratified that, with the official “Onmyoji” game in recent months, the relevant dynamics, ichimlian, Huang and other old gods in skill adjustment and enhancement, also can gradually return to the vision of players with a weak heat growth momentum.This also means that the subsequent official may be more for the old relatively unpopular SSR gods to adjust and enhance, to achieve a weak balance in the game.So, who should be the most enhanced god in the game right now?In my view, is the demon dao ji, in the most early in the game has been with many old players step by step came to today’s SSR, in the current version of the game all flowers in bloom, but because of the output mechanism backwardness, ink, and no longer have to return to center stage may, forget it next time, the demon knife kyi upset, has been more than three years.While there are a lot of cold warriors in the game, most of the cold warriors are able to shine in certain situations and instances based on some part of the skill mechanic.Although from the introduction of the skills panel, the Demon Blade Does have a high continuous output capacity of single units, but after it is applied to the actual combat, we will find that the demon Blade not only outputs a slow pace, but also in the level of damage output, just like “scraping”.Although the damage output of The Demon Daghime can accumulate the number of attacks after the target is killed, so that the target can be shifted to other gods, in fact, the demon Daghime’s output mechanism is not even better than the ghost blackguard.After all, ghosts make black whether in the group output or the ability of the outbreak of monomer, as a SR class of god performance points than SSR type of god demon Knife Ji higher.In fact, if the authorities want to make adjustments to let the old friend back in the eyes of players, it is not that difficult.Even without making any changes to her skill mechanics, she can be slightly buffed by simply increasing the damage output coefficient of her monomer.After all version of the current popular type of god are almost a few auxiliary class type, whether qian ji, indra day or float world green light, the output of the pure class type of god is not much, so the demon dao ji, on the one hand, can be simple direct damage coefficient, on the other hand, in terms of players care skills release rate,It also slightly reduces the amount of time it takes to cast abilities, which is also a nice buff.Yangyangsasa said so much, but also hope that such a group of players from the first generation to accompany all the way down the old partners, can continue to develop today, will not be forgotten by players.