Cool water drop wheel love and hate three tricks learn to adjust not fried line not fried rice cast rod farther

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Water drop wheel intuitive feeling, beautiful product appearance, smooth and cool movement, no need to dial back and forth line block, precise point where to hit which, become the new generation of Luya fishing boat.But once we start, it is found that the water wheel will not adjust, fried line, fried rice noodles, throwing is not allowed.Summer fishing, chat overseas fishing, help fishing friends fishing skills!Xia Said fishing summarized the principles of fishing tackle selection, based on the combination of balance and coordination principles, fishing rod and fishing wheel line balance, bait balance, target fish habits, fishing point punctuation water conditions and so on.Combined with the water drop wheel we made a guide, novice at a glance clearly how to match.A, the first choice of fishing line collocation nylon line (nylon line is easy to use and cheap, fried line will not hurt the line), followed by woven line, do not recommend carbon line (carbon line is too hard, easy to fry line, and easy to cause line fracture).Beginner nylon thread can be 12 or 15 pounds, thread cup 100 or 200 pounds.Novice practice recommended line cup line 10%, blast lead to waste reduction.1. Set the spool fine-tuning knob. The setting of the spool fine-tuning is subject to the bait touching the bottom freely from the tip of the rod and the line cup not exploding the line.Every time you change the subs, you need to repeat the action, and after a few tries, you’ll get the hang of it.The first step is to tighten the spool fine-tuning knob, and the bait is connected to the fishing line. The fishing rod and the ground are at a 45 degree Angle.The second step, press down the line switch, finger press the line cup fishing line, fine tune the bait to free fall within 2 seconds, remember not to adjust too much at one time.Step 3, the knob is adjusted until the bait hits the bottom and does not blast the line, and the bait falls smoothly rather than hard, remember to be patient with fine tuning.2. Set the star type unloading wrench. Set the star type unloading wrench.The first step is to tighten the unloading force and pull the wire by hand to ensure that the wire cup does not rotate.Step 2, slightly loosen the screw and pull the thread cup by hand until the thread cup loosens freely.The third step is to adjust the unloading force to 80%, and the unloading force is basically clear through the first and second steps.3, set the brake disc number (magnetic brake from 10 to 1, centrifugal brake from 6 to 1), the smaller the number, the more free rotation of the spool.For beginners, high numbers are recommended (magnetic brake 7 or 8, centrifugal brake 5 or 4).For proficient hands, the brakes can be used with low numbers, adjusted to balance between throw and blast, requiring multiple fine-tuning.When practicing throwing, don’t worry about throwing distance. The important thing is not to blow the line.Practice pressing the wire cup with your thumb, gradually lowering the brake disc number as you practice until you achieve the best distance without bursting the wire.When the wind blows, turn the brake disc number high, this time the setting is not good is very easy to burst wire.Spinning wheel and water drop wheel each have their own advantages, xia said fishing recommended anglers, spinning wheel and water drop wheel should be equipped.