Chengdu issued a blue alert for strong cooling

2022-05-14 0 By

Red Star News on February 16, according to chengdu meteorological news, Chengdu meteorological Station on February 16, 16, 16, issued a strong blue warning:Affected by the plateau wave and ground cold air together, in the next 72 hours of zhuhai has an apparent temperature and precipitation weather, the city has the light rain, high altitude mountain may have light snow or sleet, in addition to dujiangyan, the rest of the district (city) county, the average temperature will count down 5 ~ 7 ℃, the cold air influence with northerly winds 2 ~ 4, local places can reach level 5 or above.The rainy weather will continue from 20th to 21st, with the average temperature around 5℃.Please guard against adverse effects of strong cooling.