The Great Wall to play Through the games | Beijing committee: the early stage of the 81 security task has been completed

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Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation two level inspector Shang Wanyou.The Great Wall network · Jizun client reporter Yuan Lipeng take the Great Wall network · Jizun client on February 5 news (reporter Hu Xiaomei yuan Lipeng Li Junyan in groups) reporters from the Beijing city service security special press conference held on February 5, since received the winter Olympics security task,Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport instructed all road facilities support units and support enterprises in the transport industry to go all out, sorting out 113 work tasks in 7 categories, including facility inspection and renovation, construction and maintenance engineering, road environment improvement, special support and emergency support.Before the Opening of the Winter Olympics, all 81 tasks related to the preliminary guarantee have been completed.Shang Wanyou, the second-level inspector of The Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, introduced that it is the direction of efforts of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation to provide safe, on-time and reliable transportation services to ensure the normal operation of road facilities, efficient and timely emergency security, and to realize the harmonious operation of the traffic for the Games and the social traffic.Mainly from the following three aspects to do a good job of traffic security services: strengthen inspection, to ensure the safety of road facilities.In the early stage, the transportation department investigated and treated key road facilities related to The Olympic Games, found structural diseases and other hidden dangers in a timely manner, did a good job in road environment remediation and landscape improvement along the road, completed road repair 325,000 square meters, asphalt pavement irrigation and joint 335,000 meters, trail maintenance 69,000 square meters, steel structure rust removal and oil decoration 23,000 square meters,Concrete components painted 39,700 square meters, smears clean whitewashing more than 43,000 square meters.Since January, more than 5,000 people and 3,000 vehicles have been dispatched to inspect road facilities, with a daily average of nearly 5,000 kilometers. Once safety problems affecting traffic are found, they are handled within 24 hours to ensure the safety of road facilities.Special Olympic lanes will be set up to guarantee priority for Olympic vehicles.Using the experience of past Olympics, to ensure the games are the premise of traffic and the 2022 winter Olympics and the winter paralympics in Beijing, in Beijing conference related roads, connecting line between external roads, yanqing division division, airport traffic routes, etc., delimit the Olympic lanes, convenient transportation service for the games are preferred, rapid transit vehicle.At the same time, a policy has been formulated for fast passage of expressways for registered vehicles for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and special lanes for expressway toll stations are used to ensure accurate and fast passage.Barrier-free transportation facilities have been upgraded.In recent years, the transportation department has gradually completed the barrier-free renovation and renovation of Roads related to the Olympic Games, such as Beichen West Road and Capital Stadium South Road, with 2,780 blind roads and ramps covering 21,100 square meters.142 wheelchair lifting platforms and 59 stair climbing vehicles were renovated in 27 bus stations and subway stations, laying a solid foundation for transportation services for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.Committee of Beijing secondary inspector ShangWanYou said the 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing has officially opened, the Beijing municipal committee will strengthen the docking, with relevant departments in accordance with the requirements for epidemic prevention and control policy and related security requirements, continue to increase the traffic security work, to realize the traffic and social harmony, ‘comprehensive traffic promised cash bid.